The DA ran a hollow campaign from start to finish!


In a few days we will be casting our votes for the parties of our choice a privilege and right we all share in democracy.


However, has anyone noticed the official opposition the DA aka Deceptive Alliance as some in social media circles have dubbed it ran a hollow campaign, a campaign with no manifesto, message or commitment. The DA engineered a campaign absent in core pillar-definition.


A campaign known for making the ANC president famous, because everything that the DA leader Maimane had said from before the start of this 2016 municipal elections campaign has been Zuma, Zuma, Zuma. Everything he says today in every meeting of white-less in attendance rally he hold is Zuma.


How does Maimane get it right to be the Donald Trump of our local politics, high on noise empty on content?


How does the DA get it right to be this hollow and deceive itself to think we can’t see through it, we can’t hear through this hollowness and we can’t feel this emptiness?


The DA ran a campaign clutching at straws and premised on a notion to rewrite SA political history in telling us Nelson Mandela was a DA member!


This hollow sophism and retort stands in the same tradition of Zille’s claim of Biko.


Yes Mandela serves a president of SA for one term but the DA in hollowness attempts airbrushing our history and claiming Madiba as politically androgynous in choice of party. They want us to believe they speak for Mandela, when Mandela from beyond the grave told us all what party he would join in the hereafter and committed if he finds none he will establish an ANC Branch in heaven.


Now the DA in hollowness of content, attempts telling us Mandela is ignorant maybe even stupid like all the millions who have until now trusted the ANC to lead.


I must admit if you compare Madame Zille’s campaigns to that of the Hollow Maimane you too will see this was a more hollow campaign, this is to a greater degree a hollow campaign.


I have yet to hear what the DA will do beyond claiming “change”. I have tried to understand its campaign but it tells us about an ANC guy who wears black, green and gold for his party colors who does the dab at 74 with ease.


Indeed an expensive hollow campaign. This hollowness resonates from Cape to Limpopo.


It’s much made of attempt to capture the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, which started with their choice for their abrupt last elections as directed by foreign funders, produced Mr. Hollow!


This campaign has petered out into a loose shot at nothing with a further hollow Athol Trollip, who has become increasingly silent in hollowness.


It’s Western Cape incumbent mayor Patricia de Lille, the earliest black face case today visits the areas of squalor like Crossroads wearing a mask among the Western Cape black poor, because their poverty and diseases as a government neglect them is contagious yet she wears no mask among the white rich.


When you ask any DA leader or candidate in this 2016 municipal elections what they will do as I tried with one of its newest hollow recruit a Georgen Miggels rom somewhere in the Eastern Cape, you quickly find out two things.


The Deceptive Alliance is loud on ANC and Zuma but cannot tell you what they going to do if elected to office. A pervasive sense of complete hollowness echoes and re-echoes through its ranks.


Secondly more disturbing is the hollow notion that South African voters who vote for the ANC are uninformed and stupid. This hollow myth parades in volumes from the top leadership in the DA and reverberates through every nook and cranny of this Alliance.


It’s Gauteng mayoral candidate Herman Mashaba is vocal in hollowness of disagreeing with the party policies. This again attests a party obsessed with a black face to evidence them not as a white conservative, interest and hegemony sensitive alliance. It simply didn’t learn from cutting deals with black faces as the Zille and Ramphele kiss of betrayal in 2014 left more than a smudge.


This hollowness is endemic, and is heard in its Ekurhuleni choice for candidacy, Ghaleb Cachalia. Cachalia who earlier boldly claimed he didn’t leave the ANC the ANC left him, and was proven a liar. Since Cachalia never was an ANC member clearly has no political track record as he claimed and is publicly berated by his own blood as trying to score on the his family name. Hollowness resonates throughout the DA. In fact it has become the central life mark of the DA in this season.


Somewhere the SA voters have seen through this hollow attempt of a highly suspicious Barak Obama impersonation. A factory fault in production that produced a hollow item.


Across the length and breadth of this complex society voters are not as ignorant this hollow campaign assumes.


I dare categorically assert Mmusi Maimane will evidence the decline of the DA in numbers in every area it claimed success before.


You simply cannot get away with this type of claimed change rhetoric in which the content remains begging.


Clyde N.S. Ramalaine

An ANC Voter


SONA 2015: Come the hour, come disruption, come ejection- but we will have the SONA !

The scene is set the proverbial table laid. The much publicized or should I say hoped for showdown is a few hours away. The question on everyone’s lips what will happen come seven o’clock tonight, your guess is as good as mine since we know already parliament intends staging its annual event within the framework of the parliamentary rules.

For some this is aggressively hoped to be the EFF’s finest hour when they will against all odds in defiance of all sanity rules attempts disrupting the SONA. The question becomes what potentially the majority anti-ANC is expecting tonight as they sit glued to view the SONA. Let us also not fool ourselves to assume people are tuning in tonight to watch the SONA, they are tuning in to see chaos, which is what they anticipating.
Aubrey Matsiqi one of my favourite political analysts in an interview yesterday on SAFM said one thing is clear … ‘this will be the most viewed SONA perhaps ever’… It is right here that I wish to light my candle and attempt an analysis what this most viewed anticipated SONA mean:
For Julius Malema and the EFF who is on record to have insisted they will use all forms and opportunities to campaign this is a dream sent if not dream forced. Given this, we can expect Malema and the EFF to go for broke tonight. Every campaign has a launch, a critical high point, and a time of silent death or evaporation. The ‘pay back the money campaign’ was a successful campaign and is now in its sixth month and perhaps tonight reaches its most finite moment, in my anticipation after which it will plunge into the abyss of none-effect.

The EFF and Malema comes to this SONA wounded, wounded because the ongoing saga of an organisation spiralling out of control, lacking due leadership accused of being a dictator and having to face media daily with this ongoing challenge. It has in recent months beyond its honeymoon period post-May 2014 elections courted much controversy as an organisation in internal turmoil. Secondly, he comes to the SONA bruised because of the latest instalment of a public letter spat between himself and Gayton McKenzie leader of PAP. McKenzie has been scathing and naked in proving Malema a thug and the details were gory. This will bring Malema to the SONA in revenge mode meaning he needs to shift the focus of this pressure and the best way to deal with that is to reflect that onto the President with the “pay back the money campaign” as its mantra.
It is to be expected that the speaker will attempt to bring order, in letting the rules for the SONA stand, which will lead to more noise, it is here where chaos will erupt when the she will insist on rules and the EFF sensing at an emotional level disrupting the SONA is very possible. The speaker will invoke the rules at least as she understands it and give orders to the sergeant general to eject members that have been given warnings. This will boil over to fracas and

It is the important to accept that the primary aim of the EFF leadership is de-skin Zuma, and it feels it has tonight that opportunity.
Therefore, what will happen, the EFF will is on record to have said they will not give Zuma a chance to clean his throat, before they will be demanding him to answer. We therefore can expect that as Zuma moves to the podium there will be heckling, and this will boil over into noise, noise which

What will the other opposition parties do, in fact where do they stand? I fear no contradiction to unequivocally state the majority of opposition parties who are on record for having stated they do not support disruption of the SONA contrary to public statement silently hope for this disruption and potential altercation. The opposition parties will as always find the SONA as repetitive, empty and a rehash of what was said before, because that is what they say when they interviewed by the media after every SONA. In fact, the DA has been so intoxicated to believe that it can pen a SONA for SA.
The truth is all opposition parties are all upstaged by the EFF and have for years been enjoying red carpets, dinners and celebrations, all of a sudden the EFF has shown them how apparently complicit they have been in making a mockery of the people. Out of that guilty conscious the DA decides not to attend the after events of the SONA, they decide to dress down, how foolish cos they always dressed up they always enjoyed the pomp and pride they have always enjoyed being in the limelight now in 2015 they have developed a consciousness inspired by red overalls of the EFF. The conundrum for the DA remains the fact that though it is the official opposition party, it cannot make that count because Malema’s personality for the wrong reasons has dictated who the real opposition is. Thus, the DA can hardly claim any moral high ground.

They silently hope for maximum embarrassment to the President because he has been the epicentre of their campaigns in 2014. Hence, as much as the likes of the DA publicly claim no support for the intended EFF and Malema disruptions they hope for it, it privately supports any means to embarrass Zuma with the proviso that they do not want to carry the van for it.

The reality is whilst this is billed to be the finest hour of EFF it will also be the hour that defines its demise which will show in the 2016 elections. Tonight many more of its 1,1million voters will decide at a personal level, I cannot be associated with this sensational egocentric and megalomaniac behaviour.
Let us accept tonight in full view of a world media that has already set up to capture not the SON but the antics of the EFF, we will be embarrassed. Julius Malema will have his finest hour though brief, because the news will not focus one iota on the actual SONA, which holds critical aspects of the road we have traversed, and the issues currently confronting us for which solutions are proposed.
In the end tonight will come and go, and tomorrow morning we all will awake to a new day in which the ANC and its president still leads SA in challenging times not challenging because of a SONA disruption but challenging for the real issues which we less in blame game sense must find answers. Our challenges are manifold. We are a still dealing with the reality of racism, challenges of unequal society, challenges of power shortages, challenges of unemployment and challenges of success that births impatience where services have not yet arrived. We will wake up and South Africa will still be where it is celebrating 20 years of major improvements and equal challenges, conscious that challenges do not last forever.
As the night falls the self-claimed Khanyisile Litchfield- Tshabalala’s ‘pay back the money’ will perhaps fade as much as she is fading in EFF context. Yes, this false campaign would have died a natural death and the EFF will need a new campaign, if not a new focus, difficult as it is because it cannot untie itself from the true meaning of its existence, an overt obsession with unseating Zuma, at any cost anywhere anytime.
I still hold South Africans of all walks deserve to hear the president speak on what Government has initiated to solve our challenges. The majority of South Africans want to hear the State Of our Nation Address and we truthfully are not interested in showdowns of hooliganism and foolishness parading as endorsed by the majority of South Africans who never entrusted those who cause this consternation.
May sense prevail and let us have the SONA, maybe without the EFF!
Clyde N.S. Ramalaine
Social Commentator

Is the EFF a party defined by chaos ?

Marinos the philosopher contends, “true learning flourishes in chaos”. Chaos is generally defined as “a condition or place of great disorder or confusion.”

The question is what are we learning from the chaos around the EFF? Perhaps some have been oblivious to admit this chaos because they are overtaken to see the EFF as on course to rule South Africa soon. Some, in recent days have welcomed the behaviour of the EFF in parliament as the new praxis. Those who attest this a necessary new way of engaging argue that parliament needed this because it is lethargic and lacks energy as dominated by a ruling party.
The EFF leader is on record to have said that they will use every opportunity they get to campaign. There is nothing wrong with campaigning after all it is the oxygen of political parties. Yet a careful analysis may lead us to understand there is real chaos within the EFF. The common denominator of the EFF appears to be chaos in undergird and in fruit of presentation.

Can we attempt to argue the nature of the chaos as accidental or endemic? EFF members are increasingly questioning the leadership style of its leader. Some have labelled him a dictator that listens to none but his trusted lieutenant Shivambo. These claims may be true or false and may be brushed off as hogwash, yet what cannot be argued is that the proverbial EFF-boat, bereft of due structures, leadership and necessary programmes is in organisational raging choppy waters and may even already have taken some water. Perhaps the chaos in parliament as led by the EFF is symptomatic as an extension of the chaos that rules this party.
Its recent Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, and Gauteng meetings to elect leaders ended in utter chaos. Police had to be called in to defuse tensions among those who attended. In some cases private security were summoned to lend a hand to defend EFF from fellow EFF members. The more you read about the events the more a clear picture of chaos emerges.
The party despite its 6% May 2014 election windfall has yet to find a footprint in functional structures across the country. It struggles to become an entity that can in a meaningful sense engage and contribute formidably.
I opined months ago that the true reason for the EFF’s existence is not economic freedom but the antithetical twin personalities of the object of its hate (Jacob Zuma) and the subject of its love (Julius Malema). Perhaps the obsession to deal with the ANC leader as its primary raison detre  has rendered the organic growth development of the EFF dysfunctional.
After 6 months of the 5th Parliament of SA in democracy the contributions of the EFF in constructive engagement in the committees of parliament remains outstanding. The problem is parliament is a democratic institution to which one in membership swear allegiance in respect as an elected member of your respective party. The EFF members like all elected members also pledged that same respect but fail to make that respect count.
Which leads us to the question, can the EFF out of its chaotic mind-set ever comprehend and accord this respect of parliament, the short answer is no because bullying is what the EFF knows well and bullies do not believe anybody else has a right but them. Its only obsession is to create chaos in parliament with the hope of embarrassing individuals more so the president and deputy president. It seems the party is happy hitting headlines for its chaos rather than its needful contribution.
It seems the EFF cannot escape the true reality of its birth being chaos and thus remains trapped in unseating Zuma, therefore proving a party in utter disarray. The same we said if ever attained will render the party obsolete in future existence. Regardless to how they protest an economic freedom mandate, it is a party held hostage in chaos. As the days unfold, we should expect more and more chaos from this party.

So what are we learning from this chaos,

EFF voters are learning that the EFF leadership is not open for transparent organisational engagement. Its leader addresses disgruntled EFF members as ‘these boys’.
We are learning one cannot fix the crack in the wall if the foundation is questionable or compromised.
We are learning there is a huge difference in being an opposition party in a democracy and being oppositional.
We are learning that often those who accuse others of dictatorships practice this as natural.
We are learning it takes more than a name to be a party, economic freedom may sound great a theme but emulating true fighters is another story.
We learning the EFF struggles to embrace a constitutional democracy, the same that saw affords its very  own existence.
Yes, true learning flourishes in chaos!