Where to now for “NUMSA”and its confirmed political chosen leader Vavi?

– Beyond rhetoric and claimed ideology, sense must prevail –

In the aftermath of the NUMSA Special Congress organised in December 2013 and its long anticipated resolutions the question becomes now where to for ‘NUMSA’ and Vavi.

I hold that each of the resolutions will fall one after the other as of less impact and showing in rhetoric of claim. NUMSA’s claim to have this power to change COSATU’s position on the Alliance is proving empty.

Secondly with the ANC accepting NUMSA’s claim of not supporting it as for the 2014 National Elections as immaterial since union members don’t engage in block voting but are free to choose what party to vote for, the claimed might of a NUMSA is proving vacuous.

On the Vavi suspension issue, NUMSA is and has lost the plot and more and more confirms the fact that all the recent rhetorical actions and noise was around Vavi and not the  claimed Workers- Cause.

Vavi is history in COSATU context with the nine charges and will never be trusted as a COSATU leader in COSATU leadership thus he is compromised and perhaps even ostracized by his own actions and political ambitions.

We learn NUMSA has since the ANC – manifesto prove to have second thoughts on not supporting the ANC and is meeting today with COSATU to discuss the implications of its emotional special congress.

Perhaps NUMSA’s R8m support of the ANC was exaggerated as significant which now proves a speck and hardly a bargain instrument.

Perhaps NUMSA will realise, as we always have known it needs COSATU more than what COSATU needs a NUMSA. Equally, COSATU will not budge on Vavi.

Perhaps the workers in NUMSA was misled by a group of leaders duly elected but not duly following the workers cause but rather personality cultic worship laced with misplaced ideology rhetoric.

Maybe NUMSA will finally realise how small it is in the context of SA politics and opt to focus on workers issues and not political governance.

Parties contest elections with the aim to govern, organised labour exist to organise workers for the workers -cause we must desist a conflation and confusion of the two only because one claims to have a membership in excess of 300000.

Organised labour is not structured for block political voting in national or municipal elections context and therefore should not attempt portraying such. Claiming that type of block voting power is an absolute sophistry.

Members of organised labour have and continue to enjoy their constitutional right and privilege to opt for whom to vote in a political elections year. Thus to pretend NUMSA is a united front ready to start a party to lead the workers cause in politics of governance is misleading to say the least.

Either increasingly NUMSA will sober up or they will sober up on an elected leadership that has not always acted in mandate embrace.

Whichever way this pans out NUMSA’s leadership has bitten off more than what it can chew and is quickly realising this. It is easy to become emotional and shout slogans, spit threats, prove cocky with your two pence (R8m) in attack of others. It is not so easy to persuade the others of your true cause when they already know the real deal behind NUMSA’s behaviour in recent times has little to do with ideological incongruence of NDP or any policy but a conviction that Vavi can and should be deputy president of SA. From where this conviction, perhaps only those in NUMSA who endorses an emerging form of personality cult worship knows.

For Vavi, either he soon will knock on the EFF’s door or he will reconsider what I called in an earlier note “an offer at prime time.” The only difference now will be he will ask for deployment and thus will not just be compromised but will have no room to dictate, not that he ever had.

The moral of the story is don not confuse media driven campaigns as more powerful than what they are. Sitting behind a microphone and getting flashy cameras does not automatically translate to political power that can alter the SA political landscape.

Maybe Vavi and NUMSA were just used no different to a Malema in a previous year by a lusty media who essentially hell-bent on being anti-establishment at any costs. This media has not contributed to the democratic transformation of an SA. It rather has opted to be the opposite of what we strive for in SA.

Where to now for “NUMSA” and their confirmed political chosen leader Vavi?

Humble pie, subdued utterances who knows!

Clyde N. Ramalaine


Vavi, An OFFER at Prime time, or a poisoned chalice

         Either way he remains compromised  –


An old adage goes – you cannot fight more than one war at a time. I want to add you cannot have enemies all over and survive.


This week we hear as relayed by the media the words of the ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe that Vavi should quit organised labour politics as led by shortsighted leaders and go to parliament on an ANC ticket.


This offer in jest, which also contains a veiled instruction perhaps, is worth dissecting.


Maybe we should ask is this an offer or not? I hold it is an offer but not without recognising the compromised state, the recipient finds himself in if he has any individual political aspirations for any high office anytime soon.


It is an offer because it recognised two things; one that Vavi is potentially history in a COSATU context. COSATU as quiet as it seems will not relent on the Vavi issue. If COSATU respects itself, it cannot let Vavi simply slide, for it would make a Vavi stronger than the organisation. Almost like a repatriation of Malema would do to the ANC.


Thus, Vavi will not be able to make a comeback in COSATU particularly because he has consistently shown very little regard for its constitution, leadership and the CEC suspension conditions necessitated by the investigations against him.


At another level, it is an offer because it offers Vavi a second bite at what he was offered before but in strength of COSATU role and leadership rejected when he had the power to do so.


In this epoch being offered an opportunity as is advanced is not one to be easily scoffed at because the context has changed so drastically for Vavi in definition of organised labour sense. The truth is beyond the rhetoric and utterances of tweets the space has become very small for the suspended GS of COSATU who for all practical purposes is the former GS of COSATU.


He is for all intends and purposes in the political wilderness and regarded as oppositional in his praxis of politics. Some go as far as calling him the enemy from within, which is a costly enemy to have in organised labour context.


It is also an offer of a peace- pipe, because Vavi has been very vocal in attack of the ANC leadership and the direction it was heading on a number of fronts.


Yet the condemning of the ANC leadership was not necessarily from a purist perspective but one informed by personal political ambition if the NUMSA General Secretary Irvin Jim’s unauthorized visit to Nkandla on solicitation of a Vavi deputy presidency post attests. Vavi it is claimed sits behind the vitriolic claims and statements of NUMSA leadership. Therefore, to hear a new NUMSA president Patrick Chirwa calling for a Zuma resignation is really a Vavi statement.


At another level the offer comes with a clear understanding that should a Vavi who is in a sense politically homeless choose to be in an SA parliament on an ANC ticket he will be contained to toe the party line.


Vavi will struggle to mobilize in parliament for the agenda he has thus it is safer place to have him play his politics.


This offer if accepted by Vavi will also destroy the claim of power a lusty NUMSA leadership has in identifying with a Vavi as the potential leader of a worker’s party as is branded around by NUMSA. It will neutralize this claim and render it of less personality focus.


If Vavi opts for accepting the offer, he will therefore have to choose between a NUMSA advanced political future role, and an ANC position with potential side offers yet nothing remotely to what Jim went to Nkandla for.


If Vavi opts not to seriously consider the offer, he remains compromised since the constituency of organised labour as led by COSATU will not smoke a peace pipe easily.


Potentially it could be a neat strategy in brilliance of good cop bad cop feature.


COSATU who must contend with its biggest affiliate, who seeks to influence it to drop the ANC, will remain the bad cop for Vavi, when the ANC leadership now becomes the good cop.


A good cop that firstly acknowledges it cannot direct neither instruct a COSATU, whilst it may be concerned about hegemony and a parlayed unity at least for the most vulnerable time of its post democracy era if elections is the barometer.


Good cop for extending an olive branch of peace, in parenthood of maturity to say, you were naughty but we have hope you can come right. Whilst you are guaranteed a salary a major issue for any working father who has a family to take care off. Particularly when you hear Agang-SA with its claimed R500 millionaire strong leader pleading poverty and cannot pay staff salaries. It confirms the daunting task of fundraising even for multi-millionaires.


Vavi therefore remains compromised because NUMSA backing him, has opted for sensible reasons to stay in COSATU, yet NUMSA can’t guarantee Vavi any drop of the existing cases particularly because Vavi is second respondent in the NUMSA case against COSATU. This latter issue lends itself to the hardened and justified stance of the existing COSATU leadership. Ultimately, this will make it very difficult for him reinstated in a COSATU leadership.


Vavi is compromised because he created too many enemies in COSATU and thus he will never be trusted in this federation. For some his legacy has been the destruction of COSATU and he cannot claim innocence, which he conveniently so easily does.


Vavi is compromised because his future political existence is no longer in his hands but in the hands of other. The others include essentially the ANC’s who is willing to make him an offer.


Yet this offer is in my opinion perhaps a stroke of brilliance in ANC leadership and it is also a poisoned chalice.


A stroke of brilliance because we cannot assume this was a Mantashe decision, but it must be an ANC leadership position, which was arrived at through discussion. Therefore, it is not Mantashe that gives Vavi a lease on political life though considerably minute to what he claimed in an organised labour setting, it is really a Zuma led ANC that gives his so-called enemy hope thus respect.


Vavi if he is in any sense aware of his compromised state as things stand now would be a fool not to consider this carefully. A poisoned chalice because he whilst condemning others in the SACP leadership for selling out in accepting ANC position as claimed offered by Zuma, will now in acceptance of the offer also be in that same line and thus will never be able to argue or condemn others.


For if he rejects this offer again he will have accept that he wrote the final script in his Alliance politics and thus his future would be almost similar to a Malema outside the ANC fold. He has upset the leaderships of the ANC, SACP, and COSATU with his utterances and stance and the ANC is the only one willing to make him any offer.


Should he opt for rejecting this offer in assuming a potential NUMSA constituency he will have to persuade them to part with the idea and strategy of staying in COSATU to influence COSATU otherwise? The latter the resolution of the December 2013, Special Congress.


That would not be an easy task, furthermore if he rejects this offer he would confirm that his involvement in worker politics was not as exempted and free from self-serving, already a notion that is held by many.


In the end Vavi, is compromised and whatever decision he makes, reject, or accept the offer as extended by a Zuma led ANC leadership, he remains compromised.


The ANC was brilliant to have issued a challenge and Vavi somewhere soon must respond, because it is not as if he has mug time or many options left.


Yet what is clear the ANC wants Vavi out of organised labour politics regardless to how it is out in very choice words. Perhaps this is the toughest call for someone who had made this sector his political world as base to influence a varied context.


You cannot but respect this Zuma led ANC for proving very tactical and strategic on political leadership.



Clyde N. Ramalaine

********Article appears courtesy DUSTY MUSINGS political analysis and commentary 2013-2014 (Due March 30, 2014)


Is the suspended General Secretary of COSATU not his own worst enemy?


– He is tweeting, remarking, apologising, clarifying, pronouncing and defying himself into a status of former general secretary –


Niklos, on the subject of arrogance concluded “arrogance is a stray bullet from an unloaded gun”, I thought of this when I look at the unfolding saga of the General Secretary of COSATU, Zwelinzima Vavi and him in a sense spiralling out of control into a free fall of history. 


Let us attempt to unpack the saga in pursuit of where Vavi blundered, to see if there is substance in my claim that Vavi is his own worst enemy.


Firstly, it is perhaps important to ask again, who took this issue of Vavi’s inappropriate relations with a staff member to the media and for what reasons? It is clear that Zwelinzima Vavi took this matter to the media we may only surmise what he had hoped to attain in sympathy embrace. 


We are told this incident transpired in January 2013 yet it only surfaced late July, this means the objective of involving the media was not something contemplated in January or throughout the span of the transpired six months. In fact, there was no need for any of us to know about it until someone felt it important to draw the media into it.


Secondly, Vavi by no pressure from anyone in COSATU Leadership context admitted to an illicit affair exemplified in graphic ‘quickies’. He went to length to explain where and how this took place in definition of incident. Please note we are not dealing here with the affair, we dealing with the incident that Vavi provided the gory details. The affair is not in question because anyone may proverbially fall and prove particularly vulnerable in breaking morals one hold dear.  One therefore seek not to condemn Vavi or the woman in question for falling, that would not make sense.


The issue is not an affair in morality of definition; the issue is the admitted incident of inappropriate sexual relations of staff members of COSATU on COSATU premise.  


It was correct for him to admit the affair it was equally correct for him to admit the details of the specific incident yet in doing this he was preoccupied with the issue of a threatened rape claim. It is clear that in his mind the rape – claim threat naturally weighed heavier than a disciplinary hearing in organisational context. 


Thirdly, Vavi proverbially shot himself in the foot since in targeting to disprove the claim of rape he volunteered in sharing information such as where the incident took place, his concern at the time was to argue against the rape claim, which he correctly aimed to prove soluble yet in the process he admitted to the case he must face in organisational context.


The admission on the part of Vavi may not necessarily be sincere because it came as part of his defence against the rape claim. It could easily be argued that if there was no claimed rape and admission of misconduct may never have surfaced.


The fourth aspect where Vavi blunders is made evident in his prism of thinking on the subject matter of forgiveness, at least what forgiveness means, and how it must apply in this his incident. He unilaterally invokes a sense of morality mirrored in the construct of “forgiveness” as the correct response to his error. He constricts forgiveness in a one-dimensional sense stripped bare from any consequence. For Vavi forgiveness literally means, once I confess you must forgive and we move on, there is no case, no issue we back in the trenches dealing with COSATU issues.  


His suggestion that his family and relatives can deal with this issue better is not wrong as it relates to his personal morality on the home-front context,   yet he commits a fundamental error in superimposing this morality on COSATU as an organisation. He negates COSATU’s right to institute a constitutionally framed disciplinary process to deal with the issue of his indiscretion.


The suspended general secretary either has forgotten that COSATU as an organisation prescribes to certain codes and procedures on how to deal with this type of incident if it occurs in its environment. Alternatively, the suspended general secretary arrogates a right to be treated different to others only informed by his popularity.


One is not sure if Vavi is oblivious or suffers of selective amnesia as to how COSATU has dealt in time past with issues of this nature? If COSATU always accepted only an apology then Vavi is correct to assume an apology is all that is needed. If however COSATU’s policies and processes guided previous similar cases then can we allow the policies to dictate devoid of any inferences or loose emotional claims of victimhood? 


The fifth leg of Vavi’s personal war against himself is his love for pronouncements, public notifications, and expressing of views on the issue of his suspension even when it is not necessary. Vavi resorted to his tweeting once the rape claim faltered. 


His tweets as much a confirmation of his apology for the error of his ways, in no veiled sense expressed buoyancy and almost a victory salute. 


He committed two errors with this. The first is that he did not respect the independent assessors to pronounce on the developments of the case. He took it upon himself to pronounce on the status of the case. He acted as eyewitness news-reporter in attempt of almost giving his followers an immediate live coverage on the hearing. Secondly, he proved less sensitive to the seriousness of the charge in respect of organisation in assuming if he poked holes in the rape claim he will walk free from any claim of accountability for a deed he admitted performing during office hours on the premises of COSATU as an office bearer with a junior staff member.


It was not prudent of Vavi to engage in this regardless to how tempted he may have been to get even with his detractors. 


Perhaps Vavi spoke as the spokesperson of COSATU with one major difference he was in question and his misdeeds the subject of scrutiny making it not his place to speak. 


Vavi should have desist the temptation to pronounce because it conflates him as one who sees himself bigger than COSATU the organisation he was elected to serve.


Perhaps his tweeting and pronouncing send the wrong message that he was not sincere about the wrong he committed at the COSATU office. 


Vavi did not stop tweeting, his tweeting immediately after the controversial CEC  confirms again the issue of him pronouncing when he in the same breath apologises but takes a pungent snipe at those whom he claim don’t want to forgive him. 


“I committed an error & have profusely apologised to everyone hurt by my indiscretion. That was a right thing to do,” “I am relieved so many have accepted that apology and recognise that some remain unforgiving. Know others celebrating and rubbing salt.” “Thank you for the support – will say more later.”


Vavi’s sixth error was his force-focus of the disciplinary hearing on political conspiracy rhetoric hanger. This appears a faulty attempt to railroad COSATU’s right and legitimacy to institute a due disciplinary process on two of its employees. There is no question that in our murky political environment of conflated party and organised labour context, there are both friends and enemies.


So whilst this may be the case that some are laughing at his demise, and had hoped for this day to come, as a thorough political animal Vavi is all too aware of the environment he chose to make a career. He is not the first neither the last to experience this and simply could not have dreamt that the entire SA citizenry or at least everyone in the COSATU madly in love with him.



Vavi’s seventh blunder is he taking his political conspiracy theory to another level in making public the scantily clad in evidence and bereft in substance though salacious and sensational driven secret intelligence report. This ‘intelligence’ report conflates a string of names of people straddling the judiciary, former public officials / technocrats, politicians as all part of a group of people financed by apparently a USA based NED Organisation. The report it is claimed concerns itself with the destabilising of South Africa’s political landscape in apparently funding individuals and organisations to challenge the ANC – Zuma led administration.


I am not at liberty to advance an opinion on the veracity of these so called ‘intelligence’ reports, suffice to say this cannot become the epicentre of the COSATU disciplinary hearing but should serve in a different forum.


Vavi was suspended or put on special leave, pending the receiving of the report of the independent assessors. One of the conditions of suspension or special leave restricts Vavi from addressing any COSATU affiliates, yet Vavi swayed by the energy of the NUMSA’s General Secretary Irvin Jim and others to address a NUMSA gathering. Vavi did this he claims in his personal capacity. We still do not know what that means, but it is more important to ask what Vavi says when he addresses these forums.


Lastly, Vavi simply cannot resist the need to pronounce, or to pass a remark. This past weekend, the suspended general secretary and erstwhile spokesman of COSATU took the liberty to speak in his vernacular in the Eastern Cape. This time the object of his vituperative remarks in reference on the woman, he shared inappropriate relations included the IsiXhosa word ‘nopatazana’, a word that for gender activist Nomboniso Gasa refers to ‘a street woman of loose morals’


As soon as the suspended COSATU general secretary realised his mistake he apologised. Yet his apology rings hollow and remains rejected in some circles that he least expected he may get challenge from. Gasa challenges Vavi in her response tweet in highlighting the dichotomy when Vavi can apologise for the remark in saying ‘it is interesting that you speak of consensual sex & yet you refer to her as a girl. Is your use of “girl’ to emphasize your power/ seniority? I am concerned, in some way, with absence of modicum of respect’


Others like Mbuyiselo Botha the Sonke Gender Justice official said of Vavi’s remark, “It does not help in the fight against the abuse of women…. The statement is demeaning, sexist, insensitive, and humiliating to women.”

The Commission for gender Equality spokesperson, Javu Baloyi cautions those in position of power must desist from making statements that undermine the dignity of others’.


It appears the suspended COSATU general secretary simply cannot resist the temptation to speak, tweet, or pronounce on the very matter he brought to the media. He seems trapped without a microphone and flashing cameras in this turbulent season of labour politics and wage negotiations a time Vavi usually was very visible and captured the news bulletins of the SABC and all other independents news media.



One cannot help but assuming no one regrets his misdeed more than Vavi himself, perhaps not for genuine remorse as to be expected but from being gagged to speak what he for more than 14 years have done on behalf of COSATU.


At this rate, that the suspended COSATU general secretary is going we should expect many more remarks, tweets, clarifications and many more apologies because Vavi does talking best and being denied that is torture of the greatest degree.   


It seems Zwelinzima Vavi is talking, remarking, tweeting and defying himself out of the labour world into what I choose to call a free fall of historic labour leadership at least if COSATU is the structure.


Will we soon be talking of the former general secretary of COSATU; at the rate Vavi is rattling, it seems he is talking himself into that status with relative ease.


In the end, it seems justified to argue Vavi is perhaps is own worst enemy and in the quietness of the moment, he warrants admitting to himself, jaa-neh you really gagged yourself…


Clyde N.S Ramalaine





COSATU, beset by personality politics – lost focus !.

COSATU, beset by personality politics- snuffing life out of it.

–          What has COSATU become, in whose mouth is it speaking –


As this much-publicized COSATU CEC sits, for some it is a decisive moment immanent as reported in the fate of its general secretary. 


One would have thought the central issue for the CEC is the impending challenge of an organised labour fraternity tearing at its seams in self-destruct. 


There are those who for their own reasons almost demand and expiry date to the Tripartite Alliance. 


For some COSATU is today a voice of opposition from within the Alliance, something the Alliance cannot afford. Yet there are many who think COSATU has become embroiled in party politics at the expense of the workers interest and agenda.


The latter argument holds a dialectical tension in that to argue COSATU is involved in party politics as a new emerging phenomenon, is not a completely honest assertion, for COSATU throughout this democratic dispensation of ANC led governance has always played an active role in party political dimension be it the ANC or SACP. It is an existence of co-interdependence where often party political leadership manifest in COSATU and vice versa. This at times renders the lines blurred particularly since dual membership is an accepted practice and reality. 


Is  the current focus on the person of the general secretary either in defence of staying or demand of removal not erroneously confusing COSATU issues in personality definition? Irvin Jim of NUMSA is vocal in defence of the Vavi, equally Frans Baleni of NUM, is emphatic that no one is above question or scrutiny. 


Is it wholly unfair to the general secretary to accost him some blame for the current factionalised context? 


Is it possible that Zwelinzima Vavi as general secretary is directly the cause of the status of COSATU as a personality driven Organisation? 


What has happened to the workers struggle, the workers causes the workers issues and workers agenda?


Perhaps Vavi like all present COSATU leadership including COSATU president  Sdumo Dlamini must collectively own up  for the current state. A COSATU marked by glaring factional infighting weak and staggering in many instances is unequivocally the legacy of this leadership in which proving your personal and political  weight is the order of the day.


The numbers of Unions (Sectors) that have registered their displeasure with the sitting general secretary, is remarkable, leaving one to ask, will Vavi if it comes down to a vote survive?


 Vavi, often portrayed by the media as the antithesis of a generally accepted corrupt ANC, almost in darling fashion the patron of anti-corruption is seen in some circles as a victim yet others claim him a villain who has meticulously gone about dealing with others while covering himself in proverbial robes of honour. 


It has become increasingly blurring to understand when Vavi is speaking on behalf of organised labour and or when he is campaigning in political sense with a paradigm of greater significance. 


One is forgiven to conclude, the COSATU general secretary has come to realise he has his “own constituency” from where he may launch a semblance of a political campaign or even a structure. Let us not forget it was Vavi who told us Helen Zille  of the DA pursued him to join forces, the same he rejected.


The point worth considering is why the DA leader felt so comfortable to approach Vavi. From what wells of comfort did she drink conclude her politics resonates with him. We know Zille has made overtures to anyone and thing that remotely resembles distaste and hate for the ANC. It is common knowledge that Helen Zille is smitten with the idea of oppositionalism as a defining trait. Yet again, we must ask why the DA and its leader felt comfortable enough in political ideology to attempt the claimed overtures or as a Vavi puts its “pursuing ” of the opposition party of the general secretary of COSATU a member of the Tripartite Alliance that defines ANC leadership? 


If COSATU is under threat of becoming irrelevant as warned by the ANC Secretary General  in a recent comment, where lie the roots for this? 


Can we conclude we are dealing here with the resultant effect of worker-issues abandoned for personality power- politics?  


The rise of AMCU notwithstanding the claims and counter claims of many on both sides for obvious reasons may directly be attributed to the very wrongful focus of a complacent COSATU leadership in which a contest for attention in loudmouthness has come to define power. AMCU as an organised labour fraternity may  be labelled in  process as flawed yet no one can argue its  existence. AMCU cannot be wished away. Furthermore,  there is reason to suspect it will continue to grow especially since the current NUM complacency breaths fertile soil for its growth. 


NUM, with as great a history in organised labour sector cannot simply just accuse AMCU in process formation sense, neither can the politics of third forces be they local or of international making with extra deep pockets be purely blamed. NUM must lay its hand in bosom and admit it became complacent assuming a right of existence beyond serving its members. The shedding of more than 40000 members regardless whether one may argue the process, does not alter the fact that NUM is haemorrhaging in this season.



 This emergence of an AMCU, and other similar formations in what was previously unilaterally defined as NEHAWU territory must not be seen in isolation and may rear its head in NUMSA or any other environment, perhaps pointing to a rethink in the greater COSATU. COSATU, cannot afford to be complacent but must be much more vigilant in its drive to deliver the workers stake. 


Again, one shall ask perhaps a rhetorical question, if COSATU, is finding itself at odds internally, is it not because the workers struggle became the power platform of individuals who politically trades in the name of the workers for their own interest.


COSATU Federations appear to have  forgotten its strength is consolidated in the body of a COSATU. The new norm is the  throwing around of proverbial weight individual – federation weight. This is firstly misplaced emphasis and secondly fuelling the belief that the organisation  is in disarray. This new attitude lends itself to claims that there appear a vacuum in  misunderstanding the original intent for its formation. 


The signs for a confused factional workers entity are visible in the utterances by federation leaders engaging non-worker related political battles wrongfully defined in personalities- the workers remain the losers not NUM, NUMSA or NEHAWU or the bigger COSATU. 


COSATU must admit it is losing the heart of the workers struggle, the reason for its existence rendering it potentially without mandate.


In the end it is not wise to remove Vavi, at this stage for it would merely exacerbate the factional dimensions and fuelling an entrenched disunity. 


Hence, Vavi will survive but less because he is as “big” or has this groundswell workers support as some analysts may hold, but simply because the ANC is not interested in making anyone victims in an epoch of election preparation where all and every support is needed. 


There clearly  a bigger interest and this interest of COSATU hegemony should remain paramount for the Alliance sake. 


We will be fooled to expect that as the CEC draws to its close and the smiles and hugs are extended all is well in COSATU, for ego politics will in my view prove simmering oft busting unprotected when limelight becomes to challenging to resist. 


In the uprun to the 2014, general elections we must expect the flexing of ego political muscles at times misguided, at times involuntary other times utterly confused for the workers- interest will remain a backbencher for those who for whatever reason tasted power and its tantalizing affects. 


Clyde N.S. Ramalaine

Independent Commentator.