Ramalainetalk Welcomes you!!

Welcome to RamalaineTALK-Politicalanalysis,  thank you for visiting this site. The  site is primarily created to share my views and thus solicit commentary through engaging the views of others as we collectively influence and shape the subject matter of political discourse in a post – Apartheid context.


  • South Africa is a country unique in many ways, it is said you literally can write can comment on a daily basis on the various things happening, this helps the ease of capturing our nation in conversation. My focus remains the subject of Discourse in SA context with leanings to the international world outside the confines of a South Africa.
  • This site liberally shares my analysis, commentary and perspectives on a litany of contemporary issues unfolding in the democratic narrative of a South Africa including the greater Africa and some Global context.
  • Many of the postings you will come across here, have appeared  in all major Newspapers in South Africa. Some articles also appear on CONSTITUTIONALLY SPEAKING, a site of Dr. Pierre De Vos, as he asked to link such for further discourse enhancement.
  • Yet many of them are also contained in my books. The Political Commentary Books adopts a Volume base which reflects commentary over approximate calendar year.


  • As an independent analyst (my work is not sponsored by any political party, private sector company), I am naturally opinionated, at times controversial yet seek to be issue-based as we sojourn in the re-development of political and socio discourse in South Africa.


  • ASSIST INTL INTEREST GROUPS & ORGANISATION (Appreciate our SA Political Context)

                ******* I get invited to business and interest groups to share the my views, and engage on the subject of a Future SA.

PUBLISHED WORKS ( In the process of converting books into E-Book format should go live with that by January 2014)

  • ‘Preach a Storm, Live a Tornado: (The Preacher: A Theology of Preaching) 2011
  •  ‘Through the Prism of my Soul’, (An anthology of political Discourse In Commentary in articles and speeches mostly SA based) 2011
  • ‘Tradewinds are Blowing’ – An Anthology of Political Commentary (December, 2012)
  • Gekraakte Blare ‘Wilted Leaves’ – Volume of Experiential Poetry from South Africa ( 2011)
  • Earth, Dust & Air – An anthology of Political Commentary (due December 2013)
  • Several Articles for National Newspapers, Journals, Magazines & Other Forums


  • The TTMoSA is  non- profit organisation established and founded as project to further enhance discourse. You may visit our Facebook page for  THE THINKING MASSES and join if you desire to participate.
  • Ultimately the objective is to handover to another generation of people a foundation of thinking from grassroots based experience, real in content versatile as we wrestle to allow more ordinary people to dictate the unfolding discourse of SA, a space often hijacked by some who are less connected to the grassroots voices.
  • TTMoSA also will in June 2014 stage the  launch its first Youth Dialogue Session where we seek to bring together 100 Young People between the ages (18 – 25) to discuss on the next level of  Leadership, Religious, Economic, Political, Social and Sport.
  • TTMoSA has as target to produce a Forum and Publications for 2014.

5 comments on “Ramalainetalk Welcomes you!!

  1. Joe Mabuela says:

    Ey Crd, greetings! I trust this finds you in good spirits. Am very impressed with your site, I must say. I appreciate your comments and analysis. Am yet to find fault in your views re: current issues. The one thing I have noted is the high level of intellectualism in your deliberations. Odrinary folks could feel isolated by such. In other words, come down “by die mense my ma se kind”.
    All the same. great site.

    • Maqabane, always great hearing from you. I hear you just struggling to write what and how I don’t think in a normal setting. If it so happened that it is perceived as intellectual or draped like that can one honestly take responsibility for it. I guess it has its own audience.

  2. Danny says:

    Ek vind ook dat die “bruin meerderheid” nie aan die hare in die gesprek ingetrek moet word nie. Die rektor Prof. de Villiers anders as Proff. Viljoen, Giliomee en andere stel dit dat swart, bruin en Indiër studente Afrikaans as eksklusief ervaar. Dis hier waar Prof. Hein Willemse die diskoers van Die Ander Kant na ‘n ander, inklusiewe Afrikaanse vlak neem. Tussen hakies, Clyde, Droë Wit Seisoen, is deur André P. Brink geskryf

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