POEM: Capturing the state commission, season one


State Capture Commission,
season one, are you following?
Where facts become fiction
and fiction is led by fixation,
where published books are re-edited
and multiple versions,
have become concrete evidence.

State Capture Commission,
a comedy of drama,
where one is offered a bribe
by someone,
you really can’t identify,
and threatened
by the same person.
All for millions six-hundred on toe…

All of this after
you starred in a movie
dubbed “Guptaleaks”, illegally obtained,
and sold on bootleg,
you were paraded in an expert of linking dots,
the champion of proving of state capture.
Now you not sure,
all you know it was a Gupta…
after all they all look the same…

State Capture Commission
where Zondo laments lack of evidence
when Ramaphosa told us
of the grave ‘extent of capture’ …
and confusion on Brian Hlongwa
and a Fana Hlongwana runs wild,
and plays out naturally in stuck mental confusion.

Season one sees,
a Mr Kaunda regularly confused
for a known female Lakela.
meetings with people
that simply never took place.
All of this between
an acquired taste for curry,
handbags – carried by a president,
wheelchairs and crutches,
galore claims of ministerial jobs,
when the record shows,
you invited yourself and was red-carded for wasteful expenditure,
your Transnet request-sponsorship.
Yet you are the second key witness,
for a crime called state capture.

State Capture Commission,
where evidence leaders,
err in lack of skill,
the focus is misplaced,
some hellbent on reading rules
in punitive means,
and a deputy chief justice forced
to help and educate,
while his own reputation,
in the end, may suffer.

Will we hear of jobs lost?
When you have lost other jobs too,
while linking the dots co-star Parafin
says he has no claims against,
Zuma…state capture’s fixation.
Will these stand cross examination?
Your guess as good as mine…

Evidence is important,
if I must write a report in the end,
I need evidence, not media reports
evidence is important,
Zondo clearly in irritation bemoans.

Season One,
A mix-masala assortment of fiction,
drown a semblance of facts,
Where more than a flirtation with fixation,
paints the canvas, the land of tourists and smiley faces.
Backed by a puppet master’s guide…

You can’t wonder,
who is the puppet master,
behind all this, rehearsed play?
Just a matter of time before all know, we already linking the dots –
after all Pravin – he signed Pauw’s book,
the drama continues,
the twists ever so real
Exactly, how much more can we handle,
in this soap-opera,
the subscription we pay for?

Clyde N.S. Ramalaine
Copyright, August 28, 2018


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