Why I write!



Heartbeats and impulses,

inked in pages of daily news

a scripted discourse.

Society forced not to think.

Restless tidal currents

involuntarily flows

ignited in question,

from human soul.

Not by permission,

neither by approval

I don’t write to please…


It’s a forced craft,

an ancient skill and gift,

really a release valve.

It stirs, it disrupts,

an audacity that evokes.

Though it relays,

thinking from the other side

I don’t write to toe the line…


It upsets and annoys,

dispels forced narratives,

Detested by those it lays bare,

Yet, it’s message is received

by high and low.

Freed thinking,

unbridled reflections,

pensive moments

wrapped in words.

Streets of inked columns

It’s my daily protest…


Today’s beat – yesterday’s tune,

a search for tomorrow

Sips of free-flow thinking,

sighs in muttered retorts

mixed in inspiration.

A flickering candlelight,

in violent trade – winds that blow,

forever protesting a forced line

You couldn’t pay me to write…


Unburdening contemplations,

always defiant in questioning,

revolting a paradigm,

denied anomalies – laid bare

I must write,

I will write,

I write –


Clyde Nicholas Stephen Ramalaine


(Dedicated:  To all those who dare to write and force us to all to think)



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