Marching Orders, Let them march!

Let the elites and middle class march!

They are the signpost of our liberation, the evidence of successful ANC policies:

Their marching today confirms we freed them because under apartheid they had no voice, and could not march.

Let them march to defend this apartheid economy, let them march for white privilege and interest and an untransformed apartheid economy.

Let them march it’s their democratic right, let them have a slew of press conferences, let them be joined by embedded so called ANC Members.


Let those embedded journalists, analysts, economists, commentators and public intellectuals all march, they define this one dimensional narrative of intellectualism that call others fake when they sing for their supper.

Let them march, it all will end in a march and a press statement because the masses are wiser than they assume.

Let the convenejent clergy who can pray for a finance minister in exclusion of others march, let them deliver their usual one track mind analysis of SA. After all their foundations benefit from the untransformed apartheid economy.

Let them march, They never marched against the banks, they had nothing to say about Absa that confirmed its role. They never marched against gang violence in Cape Town a city that Remains white in economic description of ownership. They did not march with Esidimeni health crisis, they didn’t march when black women get raped in taxis by syndicates.

Let them march, They didn’t march when Helen Zille called South Africans economic refugees, They  didn’t march when at her handover to Maimane, Allister Sparks, the guru, expressed his unreserved admiration for Hendrik Verwoerd. They didn’t march when she justified colonialism.

Let them march, They never marched for anything that benefits the black masses today they want to march for Pravin Gordhan a “communist” whom they as capitalists love to death – why only they know !

Let them march, We have a Finance Minister his name is Malusi Gigaba. Swallow that !

Let them march, If you want Zuma out go to an ANC conference and vote him out – Go to a national elections and vote the ANC out, you will not get him out in disrespecting our votes.

Let them march, We voted the ANC to lead and no amount of white and black elite sentiment will disrespect The Thinking Masses of South Africa regardless to how illiterate they may be for you, they consciously vote ANC.

Let them march, The illiterate and poor didn’t trust the DA, EFF or all these one man band pension parties to lead SA.

Let them march, Regime change similar to what happened in Brazil and Dilmar Rouseff will not work here. S&P downgraded us in solidarity of a Finance Minister who made them a deity. We know what sits behind this.

So March we have long led marches, it’s your right, a right we fought for you to share, a right we defend. Just don’t think we are deceived by your claim of Saving SA.

Let them march, If SA needs any saving it’s from you, who are the signpost of ANC policy benefit. You are poorer today with this concocted junk status of convicted rating agencies (S&P was found guilty and paid R26bn for corruption – Moody’s too yet paid R11bn) not the poor has always been poor.

Please march, most of you will march in front of your TV duped by 403 and its hired ones. Send me the pics of your marching because you too scared to really march!


2 comments on “Marching Orders, Let them march!

  1. I wonder if South Africa is going to be a wasteland in a hundred years, because of such stupid thinking? Blame Apartheid, claim white control, and sit back and watch the so called leaders plunder the country? The fight by Sisulu, Tambo, Govan Mbeki and so many others irrelevant? I no longer live in that beautiful country, and now my economic contribution is in another. My family and I employed hundreds of people, wonderful hard working South Africans who deserve to have a better life. Nobody can deny that the wealth was built on the back of cheap labour and exploitation, but the future can only be based on productivity. The wasteland that is now the government will give the rural poor nothing, nada. People who have an education like you should be using it positively to create opportunities and employment. Instead you hurl all your energy at blaming the past – and claiming white people still control the economy – come on ! Late Ruth Mompati was a close friend, she spent her life fighting for a fair dispensation. She must be turning in her grave at the current situation. I am appalled that you even think this way- there is no factual basis at all.

    • Thank you for taking the time out to read. I am less concerned how you classify my thinking as stupid, by now you must know I have a thick skin, you don’t hold the views I do with a thin skin.

      You have failed dismally to engage the content. I am comfortable that we have diverse views that makes for a democracy I still hold this colonial /apartheid economy will not be defended by me. I want it to collapse so we all can start from zero, like the Germans, Malaysians and Japanese.

      Why must I defend this economy with its few black ANC leaders as bufferzone with vested interest in white monopoly capital.

      We need the Nuremburg Trials in this country, Mandela spoiled all of you to think an unequal society is the better or best for us. That’s why you march but for the poor please when have capitalist and its interest ever cared for the poor?

      With all due respect citing Ruth Mompati does not alter anything, the deal the ANC leaders with Mandela at its helm signed with apartheid benefactors remains a bad deal against the poor.

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