Mandela the myth!

Mandela the myth,

Mandela the yardstick,
Mandela the sjambok of every black soul,
Mandela the false conscience,
that must keep us in line.
Please give us back our lion?
Keep your icon!

Mandela, the founding myth

Mandela, our collective whiplash,

Mandela, the oft’ cited standard,
by which a false white identity,
keep every dark soul in guilt,
denying to make a rightful claim
never to make a people’s rightful demand on land -no ship brought!

Mandela, the fiction
Mandela, the mirage,
that one made by white interest,
Mandela the mystery,
Mandela the nightmare
Mandela the emaciated shadow
of a rightful economic freedom
Mandela our scarecrow!

Mandela, Mandela our curse,
they named him Nelson
for their convenience,
Rolihlahla the lion, that lost more than a roar:
He who lost his fangs and maulers,

Please give us back our lion?
keep your icon!

in life, their insurance
in death their protection
a haunted spirit -not allowed to rest
he is theirs, they know him best
then again they made him the icon
for us he is one of many of our own

Clyde N. S. Ramalaine
March 9,2017 (10h23pm)
All Copyright observed