Apartheid benefactors are regaining power and control!

The claiming back of SA by apartheid and its colonial benefactors is long in the making. Having lost political power, as far back as 1989 although officially 1994, the apartheid and colonial benefactors have since that time been in a political wilderness, but never short on strategy power reclaim had to come, the question was always when and how, because political power was lost as confirmed in every election from 1994.

Out of this arose the strategy, that being civil society formations, where Afrikaner wealth bolsters the new method of regaining constitutionally what was lost in the ballot. Fair game and nothing wrong with using the courts, even if it means court casing democracy.

While South Africans are fed a daily overdose of Gupta centred obsessed news from those apartheid / colonial who control the 4th estate the likes of Afri-Forum has over the eleven years of its existence distinguished it more and more as an entity that fills the gap to fight the cause of beneficiaries of apartheid its primary constituency, not in an explicit sense but certainly in an implicit sense, a cause lost in political betrayal by a National Party when it ceded power and thus thrust apartheid benefactors into a brief nomadic political wilderness. Yet they are consolidating in this season and are determined to have this country back.

It is in this context that I seek to appeal to all those who share political power and whatever goes with it. Do not think it far-fetched or cynical that you will wake up one morning with your so-called political power but not controlling anything in SA.

Every case brought against the State be it, the none supply of textbooks in Limpopo, Correctional Services employment equity case, the Esidimeni health scandal, I can go on, is always led by colonial and apartheid civil society groups that initiate if not drive the process for the recognition of the poor’s plight.

All the good the ANC has done over the period of its governance is way- laid by the absence of a concerted, structured, optimised and resourced defence of what was attained. The punted narrative is the ANC do not care not even for the most vulnerable making up society.

I have said the South Africa’s leading political party the ANC as a movement needs to be active in the civil society arena and space not as an emotional responder but as an active role player and leader. It appears this space is totally controlled by apartheid and colonial beneficiaries funded by them to prove apartheid and colonial victims can’t govern or run anything. SA’s governing party spends too much time on the back-foot, scoring too many own goals with factionalism, jostling in slates to occupy Mahlamba Ndlopfu when the proverbial Rome is burning!

I ask again how do you take a country back politically when you have lost political power in a settlement, you do so at the hand of an institutional frame with the face of civil society formation that knows how to the use the toolbox of a constitutional democracy.

The beneficiaries of colonial and apartheid with their loads of capital are hard at work. They own every sphere that matters: they control the media, the economy, the technology and academic worlds, property, land, all major contracts with key SOE’s like Eskom are still owned by the benefactors of apartheid and colonial rule.

The case can thus be made the benefactors of apartheid and colonial rule also owns this constitutional democracy, whilst you fighting in your slates on who will be president and whom you don’t like, those who historically lost political power are gaining full control. Your lack of energy and foresight to use the same constitution to expropriate land for the benefit of the truly poor is tangible.

Apartheid and colonial benefactors have become ten times wealthier in this democracy whilst you claim to control political power. They spent serious money to prove you incapable of running this country, any department, or any institution as they court-case the very freedom you claim you fought for. Every effort of theirs is aimed at showing you weak, incapable, and self-serving. They have succeeded to make you echo their rhetoric of every apartheid victims being corrupt.

They keep you occupied with mundane frivolous things while they are taking control back in every sphere. They watch and laugh at how you tear each other apart, all in the name of capital. They knew how toxic their capital would prove once apartheid victims taste some it. They will judge any every opposing view to theirs unauthentic corrupt and a Gupta voice, while they never refer or tolerate any reference to them as for example Rupert voice. They even get you to agree with them because they want you focus where it matters for them.

Is it possible that we live in a false freedom; for it is becoming more and more evident true control appears a mirage for apartheid and colonials victims.

I implore you to smell the proverbial coffee, apartheid’s benefactors are at work while you trying to jostle for material wealth, seek to drive that big car, enjoy being called chief, sip your favourite libation, and is swaggering heavily intoxicated with your ever eroding and passing political power wealth, as you quote Marx and Lenin theories in between puffing expensive cigars.

It equally taught you well never to trust your own. It’s very strange you are willing to pay apartheid benefactors to do work for you, when you want apartheid victims – your own- to do it for free.

You don’t take counsel from your own, you implicitly trust and consult apartheids benefactors and follow their advice. You easily accuse your own of suffering of entitlement when you don’t see your own entitlement.

Yet if an apartheid or colonial benefactor regardless how small comes with an idea, a plan you quick to jump to hear them out, it’s them you believe!

Apartheid’s benefactors manage even your wealth as an empowered one.

They manage your so-called companies, you have them as personal secretaries when you want to transform SA, what a contradiction for you trust them implicitly! Smell the coffee! Political power bows to economic control,

It’s them you hire as your attorneys to defend you. I must conclude apartheid was the most successful system ever because it succeeded to have colonial and apartheid victims never to trust one another but rather to trust colonial and apartheid benefactors.

Clyde N. S. Ramalaine

Political Commentator



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