Perhaps, sex anchored in gender became a defining act of the 45th Presidency !

Someone asked how did sex become the defining or anchor element of this 45th Presidential campaign?

With less than  30 days to go to the end of this race it appears now full blown about confirmed sexism, casual banter on sexual assault, and the deed of sex. Contrary to normal expectations it is not about policy positions, economic solutions and a visionary plan for the leading democracy in the world and its role in a global setting.

Need I remind us the 45th Presidency contest of America squares off a man who is a business man, celebrity personality who owns the Mrs. Universe beauty pageant and a woman who has cut her teeth in politics for the last 3 decades, she is defined as the former First Lady, the former Governor of New York later Secretary of State and now the historically first woman nominee for high office from in America’s political history.

From the early days of the primaries seasoned political commentators found it difficult to make sense of the campaign as it played out in the Republican Party party candidates that squared off.

This contest was always skewed it was always going to be a distracted race.

It’s a race with new or should I say unconventional tactics. It’s a race of firsts in many ways. Trump has risen to Republican nomination with the highest percentage margin ever in the Republican Convention.

The race though in appearance was a closer call for the better part of the Democratic primaries with the socialist Bernie Sanders. Yet despite that the DNC delivered a woman nominee with more than sufficient lead meaning the first ever in American history.

This race squares off a man and a woman, history and the future, sense nonsense. A claim of making America great again and a claim of building stronger better.

The race is about someone who finds it’s extremely difficult to focus on issues in a structured sense who perhaps in the words of Ol’ blue eyes have decided “I did it my way” and a person who is really a technocrat that represents for some the establishment, someone who is held directly responsible for a role in where America finds itself. Someone who wants to continue building on the work of the 44th presidency.

Trump went as low as discussing the male organ of Marco Rubio, and how happy Melania Trump is with his male organ. Right here we all should have read the tell tale signs of how unorthodox this race will be.

He went on to express a view on a lady who interviewed him on her menstrual cycle. Attempting to use it to insult her.

Trump has expressed views on Rosie O’ Donnell whom he called a pig, he talks about women with their physical bodies as the only defining reference point of the totality of their humanity.

Trump then was exposed for having insulted the Ms. 1996 Universe as Mrs piggy and Ms. House keeping. He stayed awake one night to tweet at 3am on Machado, accusing her of a sex tape which does not exist.

We heard how Trump fired women employees because of their appearances.  If they had gain weight he would have them leave and if they were not beautiful they needed to be let go off.

One word that constantly comes up in Trump’s public speaking is the word beautiful,  he uses this to describe the creation of jobs, he uses this to explain his defense policy, he uses it to define his presidency, he uses it to explain his understanding of relations and you have guessed right Donald uses this in describing women.

This race we now can say for all intends and purposes have become a race about sex not gender but sexism, sexual assault and sex the act and its accompanying antics as played out in the mouth, acts and deeds of the Republican nominee.

Trump has consistently been captured on women, he has always found a way to express his silly, unsavory and plain lewd comments on women.

Being the first time that a woman contest Americans with all its civil liberties and freedoms has never been here. It’s a rubicon America must pass.

Then the Washington Post who have been siting on this recorded chat between Trump and Billy Bush breaks. We now hear Trump in his own words expressing his lewd advances on married women. We hear Trump in vintage style boasting in explicit sense sharing his experiences, his desires and his power over women because his stardom affords him to grope women and they have no power to challenge him.

Trump has in the first debate in one of his weakest moments said ” I was going to hurt Hillary so bad,  but I considered Chelsea”. It is then too be accepted that Trump was going to go after Bill Clinton, his misdeeds, his philandering his accusations leveled by women against him. We all know Bill Clinton faced an impeachment and was brought before hearings.

Trump has decided he will tag Hillary Clinton with Bill’s infidelities indiscretions.

Perhaps what is missed in the whole debate is Trump has not been contesting with Hillary Clinton she is beneath him because of her gender.

How do we know this? Well Trump has consistently tagged Hillary with Barack Obama for all political decisions good bad and ugly. He has consistently seen it fit make Hillary a package deal with a male figure the real person her feels himself worthy to square off against.

He has now tagged Hillary Clinton with Bill Clinton the means by which he can be equal with Bill Clinton again defacing Hillary the contender for high office.

Trump’s psyche on women is glaringly shown in this that he does not afford Hillary Clinton any identity of her own outside the scope of a man if it’s not Barack Obama then it’s Bill Clinton. Tonight he seeks to bring that same mind using women to accuse Hillary for abetting bill Clifton’s sins. Hillary Clinton is not respected as a contender in the psyche of Trump, this grandmother can never be his competition in his world women do not have that ability to rise above their objectified physical appearances. The thought that a woman can beat him is a personal nightmare for Trump.

Instead of coming out with an honest reflection of a contrite apology he opts to show off Bill Clinton’s history. Meaning Trump has no remorse he has no desire to apologize, he wants to be right and the American women need an unreserved apology.

My advice to Hillary tonight don’t wallow with Trump in the pigsty of a shameless sick reality show.

Tonight stick to policy issues, stick with issues of true relevance and not the soap opera. In the words of Michelle Obama – when they go low we go high” let this guide you tonight.

Clyde N.S. Ramalaine


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