Haiti a Cry!

Haiti, a Cry

The seagull retorts
a lonesome cry,
all night long,
the ocean rumbled,
gusty mighty winds,
drive a storm for miles on end,
lightning flashes on toe..
and dark clouds hover…

Until you Haiti,
the eye of the storm
Haiti oh Haiti!
when will you be free?
Haiti oh Haiti!
what is your sin?

where is your honor ?
carnage and mayhem your menu,
if only we knew !

Poverty and squalor,
where swine feeds in sewer
and children play too…
cholera threatens…

High winds of destruction
howl relentlessly
storms of hate brew tirelessly
angry floods unleashed
from untold reservoir

Jobs and work opportunity
a fading mirage…
Haiti what is your children’s hope ?

Battered by Gilbert,
that same one –
he swept up all them pigs…

Cornered and tested
by a lusty Sandy
she den ripped your clothes off your bak…
now Matthew, him came too…
ravaging at you…
beating on your doors,
again taking where there is nothing!

Why Haiti when Haiti !
How long Haiti?
What is the gods’displeasure?

C.N.S. Ramalaine


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