A week too much for Trump, the Bully suffers complete meltdown!

A week too much for Trump, the Bully suffers complete meltdown!



There is an old adage that says, “every dog gets his day, but a bulldog gets a weekend” permit me to add ‘but a bully gets a week’. Donald J Trump had his worst week ever in this presidential campaign and that includes the primaries.



The Republican Party nominee has haemorrhaged severely this week. I fear no contradiction to claim Trump has lost the 45th presidential race in this momentous decisive week, which was not bruising but crushing signalling the end for the pouted-lipped one. With 38 days to go before America casts its vote on November 8, 2016, the Republican party leaders must be pulling their hair out of heads if they have any left. They must be agonizing that they ever could have allowed this temperamental, free running training and shallow a character to define the 45th Presidential contest for ruling America.




Cut back to the week that was, it all started on Monday night the first of 3 debates lined up and leading up to the elections day marked as November 8, 2016. Donald showed up in his blue tie and not his signature red, suggesting we had hoped to see a more refined, focused and on point issue driven presidential debate.




He pretended to be that sensible for at least 20 minutes of the debate as I watched it. Some even believe Trump held his own for the first 30 minutes trying hard to look presidential. However of the 6 core questions the moderator asked Trump never answered any of the questions in comprehensive sense these included questions ranging from security, nuclear, power, the economy, USA international partners.




What unfolded next was he was being trumped by an ace card Clinton an old hand with over 30 years experience in the political power and economy sectors produced in reminding Trump of his vituperative and sardonic statements levelled against the former Ms. Universe, Alicia Machado.




As Clinton begin to remind Trump of his history in a cameo of words Trumps’ facial appearance change, he became unsettled, restless and his mouth pouted in displeasure. He attempted to remonstrate with a half-hearted retort of  “where did you get that from”.




Little did Trump know Machado was in the crowd, she had recently secured her USA citizen status and is legible to vote on November 8, 2016. Clinton sensing she had drawn blood kept chewing on that proverbial bone until Donald the gangsta showed up. It does not take much to get the thin-skinned Trump to show up. He decided to make his own rules interrupting Hillary 57 times when she interrupted him 18times.



Donald looked vulnerable, shaken and hurt and found himself struggling to focus on the subjects the moderator had them to answer. His only target now was to deal with this 1996 Ms. Universe and Clinton, thus he suffered a lapse in concentration not that it takes much to get Trump side-tracked. The Machado story so unsettled Trump that he kept as late as Friday morning tweeting on her. Then again beauty pageants is a major for Donald, so you can imagine everything that concerns the actual real issues making up the presidential debate had to wait because Trump’s favourite subject is up for discussion.




As in the case earlier when he personalized his attack on a fallen hero’s parents, Trump took aim at Machado and seeks to annihilate her, it was not enough for him reminding all how fat she became calling her Ms. House Keeping he had to bring some salacious sex tape story totally the figment of his imagination.  This week Trump was shown as one that has an allergy for truth. He does create his own truths and he believes them despite the evidence lacking.




Trump for the balance of the debate that lasted 90 minutes proved incoherent with his now standard rhetoric of fear of a USA that is doing badly on all fronts.


Trump has consciously refused to read any official statistic on job creation, benefits to the wealthy and poor and the advancement of the USA citizens on a number of fronts under the Obama administration. These statistics are readily available in particularly for the period 2015, which shows a growing economy some significant job creation figures and an improvement in betterment of life. He refuses to appreciate where the USA was in 2008, when it teeters on depression similar to the 1930’s.


Perhaps a concession to this reality would mean his cliché “make America great again”, would be proven a fallacy.



Donald therefore lost the first of 3 debates battered by a seasoned politician Hillary Clinton, we must wait to see how he will perform on the balance scheduled to take place on October 9 and 19th respectively.




No soon has this debate ended and Trump at his earliest opportunity claimed all the polls had him to have won the debate. Donald even sighted polls from news agencies that have no polls.




Fundamental to Donald Trump’s belief system is a flawed and deceptive sophism that his truth is the absolute truth. Flowing from this warped thinking is his extended belief that if he repeats something 5 times it will somehow by symbiosis become the truth. This debate shows how the guy who threatens to build a wall between the USA and Mexico hit a concrete wall.




His many insulting statements over the period of more than 30 years on his favourite subject of woman in beauty pageants have come to bite him in the butt. This is a stinging bite because his chauvinistic tendencies and testosterone worship affords him an inalienable right to call the Ms. Universe 1996 a Ms. Piggy.




His undeniable narrow racist true identity affords him to refer to her as Ms. House-Keeping as a jab at insulting the Hispanic community.




These caustic words of Trump, confirms the misogynist Trump, the chauvinist Trump the racist who had said many things to and about minorities confirming his false racial superiority.


With 38 days to go the aforementioned characteristics undeniably associated with Donald stubbornly refuse to let go and ultimately has now defined his presidential pursuit.




As an outflow of the misogyny trapped Trump, we heard that Trump’s former workers claim how he would fire women for gaining weight and how he would insist on them being beautiful and fire the ugly ones.


Trump clearly objectifies women, and gives them no equal respect, we therefore must appreciate his deep anger to square of against a woman, usually he rules over them and they are half-humans as objects of his judgment. What most doesn’t understand is what irks the daylights out of Trump is that he the Don must square of against a grandmother and she may beat him. This causes Trump to stay up at night resorting to tweeting at 3 am in the morning.




To add insult to injury in the same week we are treated to information that Donald Trump the self-proclaimed billionaire whose father gave him $14million to start his business broke the law when he decided to trade with Cuba during a period when Cuba was a pariah state and an embargo existed.

Just when you thought cut the goofed citrus make-up one some slack, we hear that Trump finds himself in a storm with pressure on him revealing his tax status. He has despite many requests been stubbornly insisting that he is under audit and therefore can’t make known his tax. Warren Buffet of Berkshire a true billionaire challenged him to a cup of coffee where both of them would share with each other their tax returns.

Trump we hear has effectively not paid taxes for 18 years filing losses of $900m for 2005. In Trump and Rudi Giuliani’s world this makes Trump a brilliant business according to them.


Instead of sleep Trump decided on Thursday night to have a stay awake he was going to respond to the former Ms. Universe and Hillary Clinton.




Donald Trump decided to tweet at the unholy hour of 3 am, an act Newt Gingrich condemns vehemently in saying “he better get it into his head you don’t tweet at 3am in the morning period”.




Yet Trump will tweet because he is his own advisor and he has something to say and guess what he is business success why should he listen to anyone.

He believed he had an ace up his sleeve, namely a sex tape. The truth is a non-existing tape. Again Donald in his own world spreading lies. In a strange twist of events we now hear there is a sex tape but the actor of this sex tape is the republican nominee Donald J. Trump.

Now you know why he in the primaries could fuss about Marco Rubio’s biological male organ. You know how he on his wedding day could take radio presenter Howard Stern one side and give him some valuable and wise advise “I tell you Howard vagina is expensive”.  So it is not strange that Trump can be starring in a sex tape.

One can only guess what is going on in the Republican Party circles as they see this run away train crashing with their party on toe. The Republican Party may never be able to recover from this colossal mistake of a nominee. Yet the Republican Party who struggles to grow their base is in for more trouble. When Clinton takes this 45th Presidential race and stay the course for her two terms, the USA will be ready for a Latino President, which may mean the next time a Republican Party president could be after 2032. That is a mighty long time since lanky Barack Obama took his hoop to the White House and a generation of voters would have grown use to voting in absence of a white male, the Republican Party’s worship.




Yet its presidential nominee in this race has suffered a tangible and serious meltdown and in my assessment as a bully had his proverbial week. We saw how this wax-man melts into a coagulum of nothingness. One thing is clear America’s women will punish this misogynist come November 2016.


Clyde N.S. Ramalaine

Writer and Political Commentator

(This article written in Los Angeles CA 2/10/2016)


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