Unsolicited Advice to ANC leadership & Members from an ANC Voter !

Unsolicited Advice to all ANC Leadership and Members and us ANC voters at all levels:


My unsolicited advice to all ANC leaders and members who still cry about an August 2016 elections result in blame of an individual, a group a person etc.


Please make peace that 2017 will be an elective conference and a 2017 leadership will emerge.


How that leadership will look, who they may be is as much your guess as mine. Any focus on that will cause more damage because it will take away your attention from the People whose trust you must regain where lost.


This often self-serving emotional call for an early Elective conference is based on the emptiness of fear, the opaqueness of thinking a leader can rise and unseat the current top 6 or NEC, and fix all the problems of the ANC of the last 22years in government! Wishful thinking if you ask me.


The ANC is and remains from what we all who know the ANC a collective leadership. That collective leadership must count at the best of times but is vital at the worst of times! Let us all kill the demon of factionalism with its new litter. Let us all stop all old and new hangovers. May we all stop idolising past, present and future ANC leaders all it does is  it  unnecessary creates villains and victims. Consciously refuse to be drawn into debates  with ANC members who act as individuals, those who do not respect the ANC, its structures and disrespect the collective leadership philosophy of the Movement. Sort out the Tripartite Alliance and its new and old issues, if needs be make the tough calls.


Too much energy is spent in analysis of blame. I have in the last 2 weeks heard to many leaders complain as if they are powerless in mandate to lead as exacted in 2014 and 2016. This attests a sign of being focused.


Stop spending your energy in coffee shops, pubs, braais, airport lounges, iPhones and boardrooms blaming so and so. The ANC failed the ANC lost the 8% the EFF has. They are our focus to regain what they took.

Stop trying to have convenient politically loaded relations with the EFF leaders out of a history of ANC membership, they are now your opposition and they showed it with their choice for the DA. Any attempt at being cozy with the EFF leadership is the same as being cozy with DA leadership.

Work for delivering services to the people. Where you are an opposition lead in being an opposition par excellence you know what the people need.

Forget to start jockeying and horse-trading for 2017 Elective Conference outcome, let the 2017 Conference come like all others before.


An early conference will confirm nothing but what your opposition party-alliances want, they want the ANC to appear so shaken and disheveled that it is getting a proverbial stroke and heart attack whilst they will claim they now direct internal ANC actions and activities.


You haven’t lost the August 2016 elections stop believing the CNN and Oppositional Media and small parties who keep repeating this lie! Stop acting like we are defeated.


Square your shoulders, brace the storm, go out and serve the people, deliver where you in charge, agitate where you not for the sake of delivery. Mobilize your internal base and develop now already the 2019 Campaign. Come to us your voters many of shares a huge love for this Movement, come sit with us and invite us to help where necessary. Our strength has always been our unique contribution added together to attain a goal.


Ali was not the greatest because he never lost; he was the greatest because he was Ali. The ANC is not by chance the oldest liberation movement of Africa with its enviable 104 Years.


The ANC is not an individual they all come and go regardless to how we may for own reasons love or loathe them.


All power is borrowed power act like your power is borrowed. Put the people first, Batho Pele!


The ANC lives, the ANC leads, long live the ANC


CNSR an ANC Voter




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