Let us march, yes let us march against us! (CORRUPTION)

Let the clergy and all religious leaders march against their own corrupt,

Regardless to friend or foe, those we love and those we deplore!

Let the judiciary march against the corrupt in its own space, irrespective where they sit!

Let the school principals stage marches against corrupt school principals who robs our children education!

Let SGB’s march against corrupt SGB’s who use language to bolster race based education !

Let organized labour formations lead in marching against corrupt labour members!

Let business march and expose its own corrupt in business be it commercial or tenderpreneuers!

Let everyone one in his denomination and faith-stream march against those who are silent when the most vulnerable are exploited!

Let the workers march against corrupt and lazy workers!

Let government officials march against corrupt government officials and say not in my name.

Let real men march against those who rape in the name of being male!

Let the youth march against corrupt youth, who simply don’t want to work and suffer of entitlement wanting the latest pair of name brand sneakers and electronic gadgets yet scoring 30%!

Let political parties march against itself – because being an opposition or ruling party does not automatically exonerate you from corruption!

Let BEE beneficiaries march against its own who remain gripped in greed seeking to be players in every sector!

Let the multinationals march against those who corrupt in fixing-pricing against the poor!

Let the hetero/homosexuals march against corrupt hetero/ homosexuals!

Let the public intellectuals march against its own corrupt in the fold, who opine informed by who lines their pockets !

Yes let us march against corruption not just to our Union Buildings but to our own homes, where we know druglords, lolly houses and dealers who ruin our collective children in corruption!

Let police officers, correctional officers, metro police and all forms of policing march against its own who helps the Krejcir’s of this world through their corruption!

Let premiers march against corrupt premiers who give contracts to their tenderpreneur buddies feeding this oversize demon of corruption!

Let academics march against those in the ranks who have long been corrupt in ‘helping’ those they like for whatever favour, whilst marking others down they don’t like !

Let the teachers march against lazy cheque teachers who rob our children from their right to education!

Let the journalists and editors march against those who are corrupt in compromising professional journalism!

Let the parents march against corrupt parents who in corruption abdicate their responsibilities to train the children and caring for them!

Let the lawyers, engineers and medical practitioners march against all those in their ranks who practice and thrive because of corruption !

Let former ministers and those who were in power before, march against the corruption they turned a blind eye to yet now pontificate on!

Let the musicians and artists march against their own who steal from -up-and-coming artists only because they can and have a name!

I guess we must march, yes we must march but we must start where we are!
Each where he finds him/herself, for corruption is not there, its right here where I can see it, whilst I see it somewhere…

We must march, but not in convenience, neither in claiming a superfluous moral high ground!

We must march because this disease is not just grinning at us but it is devouring our humanity.

Our marching cannot be narrowly aimed at government when our society is trapped in corruption

… and it needs us to march…

Should we really even march?

We all should be marching against ourselves, to whom will our collective marches be, if  not against us?

Or should we first not drop our heads in shame in penitence,

Change our ways, instead of expecting others to change?

Until then we will continue the blame game in which we all stand behind the door….

September 30, 2015


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