Bruce Jenner celebrated in transgendering whilst Rachel Dolezal’s transracial identity abhorred

Why is it for some possible to celebrate  Caitlyn Jenner and deny Rachel Dolezal’ transracial identity ?


A few weeks ago the world was introduced to Caitlyn formerly known as Bruce Jenner USA athlete and medallion born male who at the ripe age of 60 thought it right to finally embrace what he claims as his true identity.

That identity is now known as Caitlyn a female who has always lived in the enmeshed persona of Bruce Jenner, the male athlete who later became famous for his stepfather role of the world’s most famous family who is famous for trying to be famous.

Jenner painstakingly shares his journey into what is considered transgendering. Transgendering is considered in our modernist world not to strange a phenomenon for the traction it has in an evermore liberating society.

It is here that the case of Rachel Dolezal, white America’s shame and black America’s taunt finds pause in reflection. It would appear that our world and its various societies are far more acceptable to embrace, identify in acceptance with transgendering than transracial identities.

The published images and commentary for Jenner’s transitioning even made Vanity Fair as a sympathetic and welcoming read. Our world thus is welcoming; embracing of someone who has transitioned biologically, what in another season proved a medical impossibility is today celebrated as advancement in medical science to assist a sexual identity of transitioning.

One can easily accept that the advancement of technology in this digital globe is always welcomed, yet the emphasis in sympathy did not come from that aspect rather it came in empathy with someone a human who wrestled for an elongated period with what he believes constitutes his fundamental humanity in gender definition.

Bruce Jenner is celebrated for having wrestled; Rachel Dolezal is defaced for her wrestle.

Bruce Jenner is applauded for having made a conscious decision to give life to what he fundamentally believes constitutes his identity. Rachel Dolezal is abhorred for having made the same choices.

Bruce Jenner receives the world’s empathy for having questioned the completeness and finality of gender. Rachel Dolezal is ridiculed for having questioned the white identity.

Bruce Jenner is celebrated for having rejected his maleness a disposition he was born with less of his choice of remaking. Rachel Dolezal is made the scorn of attack for having rejected whiteness for the myth it is, something she was both with, had no control over and for herself equally detests.

Caitlyn is making headlines for having successfully transitioned from male to a female defining the claimed constructed boundaries that speaks to a gender subject. Rachel Dolezal is attacked for having successfully transitioned from a race based paradigm with white as its core.

Caitlyn in newness of identity is welcomed and embraced in her new identity; Rachel is rejected for claiming her heritage is black.

Today our world lets Caitlyn Jenner live but that same world decapitates a Rachel Dolezal.

What is indisputable is that Bruce Jenner’s fight represents a fringe minority case, not to be scoffed at, but a definite minority. Rachel Dolezal’s case represents the case of the world which has in falseness celebrated race as an identifier for humanity. This, despite the known factual evidence that race has no scientific of biological evidence.

Rachel Dolezal is accused of having lied, to have been dishonest about her white identity, even claims of having had a black father among others. These off course constitute claims of dishonesty, yet the fundamental question of claiming she lied invokes a moral rectitude notion. Whilst Rachel Dolezal is dragged to moral courts that sits in high towers, Bruce Jenner is not castigated as one that have lied to all the female partners he had shared his life with. It is not even remotely considered that he acted in deceptive mode to all those whom he as a male athlete shared space with. It is not asked why he proved morally unsound for so long (at least 40 years of his 60 years). The cheating label is not attached to him, but Rachel Dalozal stands accused as a morally inept.

I wanted to know if the anger spit on Rachel Dolezal from diverse corners of our various enclaves was justified. In attempt of unpacking this anger, one is quickly introduced to layers of anger some even coached in a flimsy morality.

Why would the world be so truculent to celebrate Rachel Dolezal?

I must conclude, the world is mad because Rachel Dolezal went where no one dared to go, she became what others naturally assumed ought to be rejected. She transitioned and did so from a white identity.

Rachel Dolezal is a successful race transition that is what calls for this anger. What I find strange is that she is hardly the first person to have successfully negotiated her safe passage through the very translucent membrane of a race classification. There are many South African Coloureds who have in apartheid negotiated themselves into a white identity, these qualified because they assimilated the markers of the white identity, and passed off for white successfully.

I think those who cannot celebrate Rachel Dolezal in the fullness of her humanity as some of us do are unnecessary racist. You simply cannot be a racist devoid of being trapped in the myth of race for a means of explaining the human agency. Trevor Noah SA’s finest export in comedy puts it bluntly ‘THAT’S RACIST” hahahahaha

June 30, 2015


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