Decoding the MAX DU PREEZ dilemma of enlarged relevance !

– Zuma must have very big & deep pockets, all ANC voters are fitting –
Paul Vallely contends, “Freedom of speech is not of course absolute. Free speech is not a right to say whatever you like, about whatever or whomever you like, whenever you like “. I thought of the simple words of Vallely when I read the latest instalment of a Max Du Preez witblits- diatribe.
It is important to attempt unpacking the psyche of a Du Preez. Du Preez is a mosaic of many things; firstly, he believes he has earned the right to be the meridian of so-called objective opinion in which he can castigate everyone moreso the ANC at whim by engaging in cheap lecturing that truly attests a depressed superior identity.
The question is from where Du Preez draws this conviction. Well it is a combination of factors none not inter-dependent of each other. Lord Aton taught us long ago on the subject of power… that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely…
This for some is only relevant to political power and particularly on the African continent. I want to argue this holds for all sectors of our society where power relations exist regardless of degree or sphere. Max Du Preez was made a powerful and larger than life factor in journalism and opinion making and he is binging on that power bottle.
His believe emanates from a combination of his claim as a surviving crop of guru journalists, with the correct struggle credentials and an old hand at what constitutes good journalism. Du Preez is given too much credit for being this voice of reason and mind of objectivity yet he is and remains a benefactor and product of ‘white privilege’ and suffers of his own overdose of self-importance extrapolated from that very white privilege cushy seat. The same he projects on the ANC leadership of Zuma.
At another level, Du Preez suffers of a messiah complex, in which he sees himself as the saviour of South African claimed rational thinking.
To Max we say you are not exempted from firstly testing your claims, neither are you automatically absolved from the layered reality of our chequered past in which you were an identity because others were not. A reality that gave you a sense of significance and self- importance, seeing to your rise in journalism in apartheid and your meteoric respect, not absent of the natural claim of white-skills black-no-skills prism.
Your opinion for many of us constitutes a reflection of who you are, in trapped state of your apartheid definition of identity claim. You have equally contributed to the putrid state of journalism and must stop acting you a redeemer of liberalism, Afrikaner freedom consciousness – corrector and African demeaning lecturing roles.
You would be excused for suffering of the male form of menopause in which your opinions are often informed by the figurative hot flushes from the dust of a previous so-called struggle journalist credentials. Take your tablets because it is necessary for the chemical imbalance.
You are like opposition parties Jacob Zuma obsessed in which the entire ANC is reduced to pawns in Zuma’s proverbial gigantic pocket. Your wild claims cheaply string together to lend credence to your fundamental belief in attempt of being rational attest the true victim you have become, or maybe always have been.
Any journalist worth his salt knows that all claims regardless to how sensible they may portend warrants assessment and testing. Every constitutional democrat knows you do not conclude in judgement of guilt sentencing until the person in question is afforded the right to be engaged in which you equally share his perspective affording your audience the benefit of both opinions.
Democracy is under threat if we have reached the place to simply believe something because Max Du Preez says it as gospel and therefore need no adjudication and scrutinizing. We are in a precarious state of what we know the so-called fourth estate should be.
At best, your opinion is an attempt to give credence to a belief of some who sees themselves the self-appointed representatives if not sheriffs for a public when we all know this public is hardly homogenous or uniform but consist of publics to varying degrees of description. The same in which a certain class always assume themselves the custodians of democracy and constitutionality for SA, less by poll-mandate but by sense of grave importance of mellifluous education and esteem.

Your arrogance to insult the ANC as ignorant and under the control of one man is only plausible from a white privilege mind. These insults are saying more of you than the ANC.  Your perpetual insult of the democratic franchise of the voters because you can, will not go away as mist at the dawn of the sun, but it is concretising the true legacy of who you are.
Your intoxicated sense of self- importance takes precedence to assume this self- appointed role of two sides of a flipped coin, for Afrikaners and Africans in which you are the referee. It runs free from restraint and control until it spews from a vituperative pen us not often sure of the chemical balance or imbalance.

Perhaps you one of those who cannot accept that a 10 year campaign of vilification, harassment and accusations against an ANC deputy president and now a second term serving president for SA despite all resources employed failed when you know for anyone else it would have seen them crushed.
Perhaps it is time to accept the media is not as powerful as it claims at least for the voting masses, because it has spared no resource and had campaigned non-stop with all sorts of internal and external monies to direct the ANC in choice of leadership.
It is here that the victimhood and trapped state of your apartheid identity exacts the worst, because white privilege long ago internalised the need to exactly know what is good for those who are deemed black in identity of sub-humanity.
White privilege has always known how to inflict a pain, do the diagnoses and prescribe the medicine for others healing and determine how long they can mourn about the pain.
You are not exempted from the fact that you opine not in freedom of this victimhood but carceral webbed with no chance of escape.
I have long contended the most dangerous ‘comrades’ are those of white privilege, because when they were needed they were able to contribute to the liberation struggle, yet theirs was an investment with a return in mind. They helped the liberation struggle as afforded by the privileges their ‘white’ identity permitted them. In this epoch, they have earned the right to direct those who ones were helped by them. In this season, there are many of them who prove wise to direct the ANC from outside on what is what is wrong and right, as well who must lead it.
Perhaps you are seeing the phantom of Nkandla dying because once again the cohort of opposition and untransformed media has failed to persuade the masses as the May 2014 elections again confirmed in line with all other democratic elections. When will you and your type accept the masses consciously refuse to be swayed by the provocative and insulting headlines?
The epicentre of your opinion piece repeats a lie that Judge Hilary Squires said that Deputy President Jacob Zuma had a corrupt relationship with Shabir Shaick. The Judge is on record to have refuted this media designed lie, a fact and truth you know. Yet you add this to your opinion piece because it makes sense.
The question becomes why would a seasoned journalist stoop to this level, because he can and because he is Max Du Preez, when he says it is truth.  Lies will not become the truth only because a Max says it is the truth

Your article lists a number of things, which you in emotional sense of public blackmail attempt make stand when you have no evidence for any of the claims. You state categorically that Anwar Dramat is suspended for Nkandla files; you are oblivious to argue what the Zimbabwean case is he has to answer. You are silent on your knowledge of that if any or to what extend you have entertained it.
What is amazing is that when people are appointed in senior positions they at pains to reject their appointments as political because it does not augur well for their claim of merit appointment yet when they are suspended or fired it is always reduced to a political campaign against them.
The question you as a journalist and opinion maker should deal with remains is there a case that Anwar Dramat has to answer or not – what constitutes the details of that case for which he had offered to resign. If Dramat’s appointment was political, why would his suspension not be political? I have not found Dramat guilty because the case against him is on a Zimbabwean matter and until we have heard the full facts and had, it tested how you arrive at all these conclusions. You use Dramat’s attorney’s statement as gospel, when you know every attorney or labour lawyer in a case like this will firstly advance the argument for political interference as premise. How did you test the veracity of the claim that you pass it of as gospel?
You invoke Zwelinzima Vavi in one of his ‘statements’ necessarily refusing to contextualise this statement against the reality of hostile politics unfolding in COSATU. For you this is again a statement of gospel truth. Du Preez deliberately refuses to contextualise but grabs whatever he can to bolster his confirmed last message for 2014 as he seeks to go out with a bang and in prophetic sense plead – it will take long to fix what Zuma messed up -.

So scathing is Max that he violates all forms of caution in denigrating Moyane of SARS whom you categorically sees a lackey and indebted to Zuma. Mr. Du Preez where is your evidence for these claims?
Is this not a flagrant abuse of freedom of speech, then again we must not forget this is Max Du Preez the journo of journalist, the voice of perception, the one who can claim association with Klaaste and Qoboza etc., Max the one who ‘took on Botha’ Max the historic figure of the liberation struggle, Max Du Preez the ‘bedonderde boer’ for some Afrikaners who pokes his finger in their noses, as he want to direct them and also Max who lectures the ANC from an aloof pedestal of white privilege and a claim I helped the liberation cause.
Then again, newspapers sell and freelance writers must be paid so we write and fail to uphold the universal moral meridian we keep others accountable.
I put it to you again that you have contributed to the pathetic state of our journalism when you from the same stream want to cry about how you miss Aggrey Klaaste and Percy Qoboza, you sir have a hand in the gutter journalism we have of today and regardless how you want to invoke a Klaaste and Qoboza. They say you are as good as your last article, so we look at your last article for 2014 and we say gutter journalism on show.
Obey the basic rules as you advance you opinion and desist the salacious temptation to opine as we say in Afrikaans …. in weerwil van n gesonde en nugter refleksie…
Take your proverbial tablets the ANC leads the country and no insult of the ANC will alter the reality of the past 20 years of a conscious trust by the masses.
So rendering the ANC a bunch of scared non-thinkers, who is under a HITLER – dictator rule, ruled by its legitimate and democratically elected president who hands out favours like a Father Christmas to everyone, is cheap and perhaps the product of lazy and tired armchair analysis. Neither will you be allowed to conveniently now glorify the likes of Mandela, Mbeki and Motlanthe, all of whom in their seasons you had much to say no different to this epoch.
You too shall learn to respect the masses in their choice of entrusting this country in the hands of a duly elected ANC leadership. You sound more and more like the Afrikaans version of a Richard Calland or the Indian version of a scorned and bitter Ranjeni Munusamy.
May I humbly remind you that as a claimed democrat it is incumbent upon you to please respect the fundamentals of democracy in cardinal embrace?
Do not engage in slander and attempt justifying it in freedom of speech using a toxic combo of who you are in history of journalism. Research your facts before penning your menopausal diatribe, because you Max Du Preez need I say again are not exempted from the identity apartheid defined you neither are you exempted from corroborating any claim you make against others. Nor shall we allow you to parade as the self-ordained quasi-guru and lecturer to the ANC when you equally want claim to be keeping Afrikaners feet at the fire.
We must understand you as Max Du Preez in what I deemed to call an enlarge sense of relevance where you claim this unique space using your age to rebuke younger journalists. Using your language /culture and Afrikaner identity to rebuke Afrikaners and endear him to others.

Using your struggle credentials to justify your right to be correct, whilst you in truth a white privilege product trapped in that identity and want to insult ANC voted into power by African masses and essentially made up of Africans in leadership who do not know what they doing.

In fact, the longer I look at you I see the signs of a typical bully that has been allowed too much space.

Clyde N.S. Ramalaine – A Social Commentator