Michael Brown: Black Life is cheap in the USA!

– Arrest and charge Officer Darren Wilson what he did is and remains criminal –

I reluctantly write today the sequel of an article I penned some time ago about the cheapness of “black” life a South African reflection. Today’s instalment is however geographically placed in the USA.

C’mon Ferguson Police Department arrest and charge this cold blooded killing of a surrendering petty criminal!!

Rodney King, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown may portend unrelated individual incidents that must be assessed on their unique respective that is  what those who consider us all absent in consciousness and presence of experience want to believe.

At another level their names are emblazoned in our consciousness a stark testimony of the cruelty of racism. There will be those who would argue that Rodney King was not shot like a Trayvon or a Michael yet if you follow the trajectory of his life from the day he was beaten to the end of his life it mirrors my claim that the same system killed him as “black” man because it refused to let him put the beating behind him, not as if that was possible.

Yet King, Martin and Brown attest an ever present reality of America’s failure of its population of darker melanin. That failure is no more evidenced than for its young men. It is a curse to be “black” in a world of racism when it is anchored in celebration of a “white” identity licensed in domination.

I dare say it is a curse to be a “black” young man in the USA, regardless Los Angeles, Missouri or Florida. The destiny of a young black man appears scripted as predetermined to end up in a penitentiary on three strokes or face the toxic rage of racism legitimized and empowered by a badge of a police officer.

Yes an officer who single-handedly can make a decision to beat up, brutally assault, butcher and kill a young “black” male because a “black” life is cheap no matter how you look at it.

Rodney King’s question still remains unanswered “can’t we all just get along?” This colloquial expression articulates a profound, fundamental and intimidating truth.

Americans can’t get along because getting along will mean you have to respect a “black” life.

Getting along would mean you will have to kill the fallacy of a supremacy informed by a claim of a “white” identity pervasive in the minds of those calibrated for centuries of a superior identity. Getting along literally means respecting the founding content of the Statute of Liberties ” we hold these truth self-evident that all men are made equal …”

When the people no matter how defined in Ferguson Missouri rise up today to express their disgust at this callous killing of Michael Brown, when his hands were in surrender, it is to say we have another Rodney King, we have another Travon Martin ours today is Michael Brown and how many more do we need before America alters its cause on human rights for “black” life.

The USA pontificates a higher morality of a human rights record and premise to the likes of China yet what could be more of a bad reflection of such when we have “black” life cheap, and locked up in penitentiary in a scripted system. The USA has failed the African American and should be charged with gross violation of basic human rights for the damage it inflicted upon African American males by allowing a racist system that that is aimed at nothing but the annihilation of the black male identity. The African American male in democracy is being made extinct. It is the African American modern day holocaust a mass annihilation of identity and being.

How does any “white” officer feel legitimate in firing six strategically or grouped shots with intend not to apprehend but to kill?  Why was the body of Brown left for four hours in the street? Why did the officer not call in what happened? What is the role of an officer? What constitutes the premise for police action if not to apprehend a suspect?

Your guess is as good as mine as to what went through the mind of the “white” officer; it was finally his chance to get his stripes in having dealt with the incessant “flies” that spoil our Anglo-Sexan  horizon.

The outcry and the riots no matter what form it takes evidenced in looting how we may condemn is informed by a blatant truculence on the part of the Ferguson Police Department, to arrest and charge the officer need I say the “white” officer.

Is it coincidental that the officers who “kill” “black criminals” in the USA are always “white”?

So the names in difference of location identity and description may be Rodney, Trayvon or Michael and all the many before that never get the attention of mainstream media.

I am afraid that’s how far the difference goes, what makes them common is not their location as of the same community in locality, what makes them the same is not their west, mid-west or south accents – what makes them the same is the colour of their skin. It is them belonging to what is defined as “black”. A skin tone that automatically licenses others to show disdain and use the legitimate power of a police badge to bring to an end the life of a petty criminal, after all “black” life is no life!

The same officer would think twice before he shoots a dog, but a “black male’s life is less worthy than that of a dog! Until America let the “all men equal” count we must brace ourselves to bury more and to see the sickness continues unabated. “Black” life remains cheap, in SA or USA, “black” life remains cheap whether minority or majority, black life remains cheap whether in political power or not. “Black” life remains cheap whether the USA is led by a “black” male (Obama) or not, it does not translate to the streets of the USA cities.

Arrest and charge Officer Darren Wilson he is the criminal and racism dare not asserts itself  in arrogance and sacrifice justice at its altar.

Justice demand action, action against those who have made a place of hate for those of darker melanin.

Bishop Clyde N.S. Ramalaine