Maya’ our harbinger has gone silent!

Your Day is done Gogo Angelou,

A fitting conclude… the same we sought us to elude

From  Birmingham – Alabama to Kliptown- Soweto we are in sombre mode…

The clouds rolled one gigantic rumble

The dust gathered in the Deep South

The Mississippi ran a little slower today..

As the winds carried the news of your demise,

We protested hearing the obvious…


For with your personal universal expressions

You caressed our souls, in twilight zone

We mourn today because a Cedar has fallen,

That flower, the toxic combo of slavery and segregation simply could not crush

Just when we thought you have signed a pact never to leave us.

We mourn for this day we’d hope may never come


The weeping willow trees, sob relentlessly

Who will now reach our ears with scintillating sober pensive reflections?

Where will we hear another harbinger sing in such melodious tune?

In Atlanta no different to Accra  the tune one hollow same
Deep in Nicaragua they heard your drumbeat !


Who will challenge us in unparalleled poetic expression?

Who will advocate for a morality that defines our humanity?

Chicago’s backstreet walls attest in graffiti of your smile…

Your son Hip-Hop, is crying a melancholic tune

The winter-son of Nairobi – Kenya is fading… clutching on this day

London dons its grey enclave

A day we never wanted to see……


Who will call for us to assemble and protest in blighted sense?

A protest to allow our spirits rule what the flesh often fall for?

You left us, when we still want our 274 daughters free from Boko Haram

You left us and we still search for flight MH370….


From Look-Out Mountain Tennessee we hear the retort

The cars on the 110 crawled extra slow pass the La Brea exit in LA,

She is gone I hear them say, Who ? – Our Queen! –  came the reply

Mama Maya Angelou, Nelson came to fetch her for one last sunset dance…


Your day is done, ours must start

All we have left are volumes of your unmatched striking thought reflections,

The same which you in such astuteness of mind

and gracious choreographic pace freely shared,

Even when your voice attested a scorched stain

Yes a stain of longevity, endurance and tireless protest,


Today you join Rosa Parks, you smile with Whitney Houston

As you make your way to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr,

Where they listen to Garvey, Nkrumah, Du Bois, Tiyo Soga, Selasie, Ghandi and Mandela confederate

Don’t forget to greet Michael Jackson and Brenda Fassie, tell them we still sing ‘gone to soon’


Your soul remain effervescent, buoyant and serene

Mama, Angelou we heard you, we love you,

We now must pause and say to you YOUR DAY TOO IS DONE….


You reminded us so eloquently, In my favourite saying of you Gogo



Now your story we will tell, for it must be told….. Robala Ka Khotso,


(My Tribute  to all my USA Friends : We mourn with the USA the passing of the Iconic rare breed full human Maya Angelou. She was in a class of her own  at 85 she reminded us all of Nelson  Rolihlahla Mandela’s day was done not so long ago, little did we know, he would fetch you hardly 6 months after he left us.)


BY : NIKLOS (Clyde N.S. Ramalaine)

28 May 2014( 5h32Pm)



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