Qunu a Silent Mourn!

Qunu, a Silent Mourn !


The rooster crowed

a staggered crowed

The cows mooing

melancholic in sombre mood

Qunu’s rolling hills

attest of mourning untold

A windmill screeches

 in time of eternity

Qunu’s solitary stream runs slow



Qunu’s son is finally coming home

Qunu today is receiving its own

One who left as a teenager

Travelled the globe

Inspired a billion in hope

The young shepherd from Mveso

Is returning, yet the valleys cry

The grass protests at his demise


They eyes of neighbors in sorrow clasp

Attest a deep and visible anguish

Robbed once more from their prized possession

Yet, Qunu was always robbed

When apartheid took its son

And made him a prisoner

Incarcerated on an island,

Far away in-disconnect


Today Rolihlala is coming home

Today no more Nelson

For that you became to help others

He is Rolihlala Dalibhunga Mandela

One of royalty – Yet a servant

A lion and a lamb



aah’ Dalibhunga your voice is still

Rolihlala you come home carried by others

Son of u’Tata Gadla & Ma Nosekeni,

you have come home

Where you will never walk again

Yet we will feel you every day

For your long walk is over


For now, let the soil protest

Led the light breeze affirms a simmering revolution

Let the clouds gather in summersault

and the skies greyed in shades of pain

Let the sun and moon, gasp

In skipped moments of twilight

You left a boy, you return an elder


Qunu’s meandering dirt-roads

Where your youth is memoralised

Stoned in an etched history

Epitomizes you great trek


Finally home, Madiba home Tata

Not the way we wanted…

Home, to rest for always

and sleep in eternity,

Your work is done


Qunu, mourns inconsolable

Your favourite sheep bleats a sad tune

Today your lambs run, wild

Qunu, a silent mourn…


Robala ka khotso !


Bishop Clyde N. S. Ramalaine 14/12/2013 8h07am

(Dedicated to  Cadre Trevor Manuel)



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