Mandela’ a Legacy of sanitised shades!

Mandela’ a Legacy of sanitised shades!


Mandela our hero and nightmare,

Mandela the victory and the scarecrow,

Mandela in this season in sanitized history

Mandela forced on us today

As our necessary freedom delay


The only “white” spot

In pitch blackness of shame

The iconic one-sided paragon

Where leaders are claimed gone

Mandela the only nice- one!

Just not sure what nice !


Mandela a twisted saga

Mandela a convenient claim

Whitewashed into Sainthood

The beatings stick of Africans

A single man like Atlas

Who had none before?

At least so say those who reinvent him!



If they could make him white

If they could exorcise him from his cradle

If they could rewrite his history – devoid of an ANC stench

If they could call him theirs

In which theirs exclude ours…

If they can… they do



Mandela the myth,

Mandela the agony,

Mandela the horror !

Who, was born in 1994

Got his identity in Springbok rugby jersey

Mandela from a skewed “Invictus”

Mandela the gold coin

His name has made them filthy rich

Those around him star-struck for the Arian race

Be it statute, movie, book, memorabilia etc

Mandela number 6 of Africa’s game of Big 5

As they click away their claim of him being theirs

When his own never could meet him!


Mandela the free-born

Mandela – Apartheid benefactors currency

Mandela, who in ripe age forced to,  

Still slog for narrow white interest

Who must work for them!

Who must protect them?

Against who? If not us?

Mandela the demilitarised zone…

Black man’s yardstick..



If you embrace him as hero

Accept at some point he was a zero


If he ensembles peace

Don’t naysay him as revolutionary


If he is reconciler

Forget not he was among those who founded MK


If you love, his smile and dance

Forget not the Black pimpernel trance


If you make him a morality

Forget not his many flaws

If you celebrate his greatness

Ask who was before him, for he stands in huge shoes


He is a soldier

He is a freedom fighter

He is a defiant soul in hate of apartheid

He is a comrade, less an icon…

He is common less a god!


You can’t whitewash him

You can’t sanitize his past

How long do you think it can last

We won’t let you detox his history

We won’t let  you get away with this lie

For his is ours,

You can’t separate him from us,

He didn’t come from space


He is our hero, but one of many

He is our brother, from many

He is ours not in uniqueness

He is ANC, He is ANC, He ANC,

For he was always ANC!

You  can’t attempt remake him now –

To suit a ‘white’ privilege agenda…


You either accept Mandela in all his shattered shades

Or you reject him in all  your sophistic claims.


Clyde N.S Ramalaine

22/11/2013  5h41pm


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