The DA’s Zille’ Score-Card : Assessed by the Poor !!

Zille and DA true Scorecard, you cannot fool SA!

– Can this type of leader be trusted with your vote?-

Why the Western Cape poor cannot trust Helen Zille and the DA in 2014

It is a year ahead of national elections and it is time to assess the Democratic Party for it is seldom assessed when it exercises a right to assess all and sundry particularly the ANC and its performances.

It is amazing that in Mzansi, so many assumptions are made. It is comfortably assumed that the DA is squeaky clean, runs the Western Cape as a model Province, has not engaged or broken any of the 10 commandments and is entitled a right to be the opposition. It is further assumed that our democracy is best protected with the DA as the custodian and face of such protection.

If consistent media reports is anything to go by it is further assumed the DA will trounce the ANC as is postulated by the DA leadership and those who believe wrongly or rightly that to be the case. The latter is necessarily  the right of anyone to speculate and dream after all that is what opposition parties do.

However, it is perhaps time to ask can we look beyond the typical PR frills and cosy media love affair (between the Media and Zille) and ask has the DA served the poor and those who trusted it with their votes.


In order to make that assessment we must look at 6 core issues.


  • SA Citizens share a Refugee – Status in the Republic of Western Cape  

Regardless to how Helen sought to spin her way around this tweet, it speaks volumes in letting us all into the warped thinking of the leader of opposition.

Zille claims it was not intended to cause any pain, yet she as a journalist knows very well the power of words, she as a leader understands the precarious challenge of polarising a people. Zille saw it fit to tweet and with this tweet told legitimate citizens of South Africa that there is a ‘Republic of the Western Cape’. In such ‘Republic’ the poor both in individual and collective sense holds a status of immigrants, no not immigrants, but refugees.

She reminded us all instantaneously if she had, her way the much detested Apartheid Law of Influx Control, the past nightmare of the African would re-live in her beloved ‘Republic’.

The reality is those she call refugees are necessarily firstly ‘black’ and secondly poor. This puts the tweet in its proper context. It was a tweet against those who are ‘black’. It was a tweet against the poor giving it a class spin. For her tweet does not talk to the high-flying mile club Europeans (Thatcher), Chinese etc. who have equally made the Western Cape their home by choice these are naturally welcome. These are exonerated from the claim of refugee status, for that is only for those who are poor.

For unilaterally, giving the black poor a ‘refugee-status’ in the country of their birth Zille’ scores an A in racist and class polarisation of equal South Africans.


  • Schools Closure Saga

Education remains our core responsibility and opportunity to effectively deal with the stubborn triplets of unemployment, inequality and poverty.

The DA led administration’s roughshod approach exemplified in the proposed schools closure of 27 African and Coloured both in urban and rural definition is the clearest sign ever that education in the minds of the DA remains a racially polarised matter and is best understood that way.

The premise for this conclusion emanates from the reality that only African and Coloured schools were in the firing line of closure when other “White ” schools share the same claimed ever-changing reasons for closure.

The issue of the schools remains a dualistic one because it sends a double-barrelled message, firstly for the DA and Helen Zille the illustrious history of the African education institutions like Zonnebloem Secondary, that existed almost 60 years before the formation of the ANC in 1912, means nothing, and is not worth celebrating but warrants obliteration.

Secondly, the flawed process followed and the arrogance of the DA MEC of Education Donald Grant was underscored when Judge Desai and the full bench ordered a stay from school closure.

This tells us the DA and its leadership’s prism of education for the poor is decisively different to that of those for the rich. One may also not fear to argue that the true rich in Western Cape no different than elsewhere remains racially defined as of European descent, or colloquially put “white”.

Zille cannot argue that this exercise of attempt at forced school closure sends a clear message to the Western Cape voters and in particularly the poor.

We all know schools are closed regularly for legitimate reasons, yet any  proposed closure inculcates a democratic process that must be followed informed by a constitutional guideline that remains sacrosanct. The DA with this initiative proved less sensitive for the SA constitution and the rights of others the poor in this instance.

For instituting a bias, flawed and racially based questionable process as an insult to the intelligence of the poor in the Western Cape the DA and Helen Zille scores an A

  • Farmworkers Labour Issue

The Farmworkers recent labour protest against the meagre R69,90 per day slave wage missed Helen Zille not because she is the cause of the wage debacle, nor because she is responsible for the wage negotiations but because it lacked the presence of the highest elected political leader in the Western Cape province. Helen Zille paid one visit in which she as we all know by now hastily left for fear of being pelted by an angry crowd.

It appears notwithstanding the many jolts and challenges the farmworkers struggle took Madam Zille remained calibrated to her Table Mountain bunker of safety proving silent, less perturbed except for peripheral political cheap attacks on the ANC and the COSATU provincial leaderships.

It is clear not even the loss of life could draw Zille out of her cocoon. Zille proves silent on the stubborn AgriSA stance who even attempted to override willing farmers who had seen the reality of the current sector wage allowance (necessarily an insult as a product of an ANC Led National government).

One would have thought that Zille and the DA in what is termed the ‘Republic of the Western Cape’ would have sought to berate AgriSA, for this inhumane and cheap stand. Then again why would the Western Cape voters in particularly expect of the DA and Zille to champion their cause?

Why would they have been misled to think that the cause of the workers especially those called the farmworkers who share an extended misery in apartheid ‘dop-system’ history of abuse constituting the true poor in being even denied land, would give the DA sleepless nights?

Therefore, we must score the DA and its leadership’s performance in this instance. We regret informing us all that the DA and Helen Zille scored and A for deliberately ignoring the plight of the workers the very ones who are the maximum symbol of poverty in the Western Cape definition.

  • Cape Flats gang violence

The ‘Cape Flats’ has a long chequered history on gang violence. In a class of Sociology a subject I also majored Professor Winterbach (the epitome of a ‘socially deviant’ Professor (for his dress code, candour and style) who lectured us at UWC during 1988-1990) we were told that this violence does not have a singular source. That this now seen phenomenon emanates from a multiplicity of reasons of which the unjust displacement of people from land and environment they legitimately owned to the arid naked spaces of flats mirrored in Hanover Park, Lavender Hills among others by a racist apartheid government must take central spot.

Volumes of academic material are readily available as means of analysis of this subject in which the root causes are outlined. Yet the DA and Helen Zille ignores all this and choose to opt to ask the President to intervene by deploying the army to I suppose wave a magic wand of fixing the history of this elongated socio-economic bedrocked Cape Flats issue.

It is becoming characteristic for Zille to assume major complex issues can be solved by simplistic easy means. Yet this is not as simple or as ordinary but it communicates at another level dubious messages. These include, the poor exemplified in the Cape Flats warrant being shot at, killed for after all its sub-human life.

For imploring, the President to unleash the full might of military power, trained to shoot to kill, Zille and the opposition party the DA scores an A.

  • Western Cape Toilet Scandal

The DA was vocal and rightly, so when the Moqhaka ANC controlled municipality scandal broke. It became overnight the mouthpiece of the poor as it rightfully decried the shame of this occurrence.

Yet it did so hoping to send a message that the poor in the Western Cape is treated differently, record would show it did not take long before the DA’s own toilet scandal was uncovered. The DA went into spin-mode immediately and was now responding as government defending the indefensible. Not once did Helen Zille as vocal leader of the DA and opposition party fall on her sword to admit the error. Again, she failed to lead in the Republic of the Western Cape, because true leaders can admit their personal and party wrong, but if you misunderstood the role of opposition you will never see it fit your wrong.

For letting the poor suffer, insult by having their dignity eroded with this toilet saga Zille and the DA scores an A.

The challenge remains the consistent characteristic hypocrisy of Zille and her DA party.

  • Contracts Awarded

The DA and Zille have appointed themselves the de-facto police of all tenders in SA. This is done in the name of defence of democracy and championing of anti- corruption or corrupt practices in public funds. Much as a condemning of corrupt practices is needed anywhere and everywhere it does not help if we are inconsistent.

Yet the DA appointed Hunt Lascaris TWBA to assist its political image using public funds worth millions. When pressed on the process followed and the flawed aspects of the contract awarding, Helen Zille resorted to her usual antics, defending the wrong.

Now we hear the contract which came to its end in December 2012, and which Zille agreed as far back as May 2012 will not be renewed, was renewed mysteriously with a chairperson Ms. Avenant (innately associated with TWBA) whom Zille firstly claimed she does not know yet it is confirmed Avenant runs her communications directorate.

For proving soluble to firsty appoint the agency to enhance her and the DA’s public image at millions of tax payers money, with a hushed renewal of contract when you committed not to renew the contract when its term ends, Zille scores an A, in hypocrisy and for lying about not knowng who Avenant is who works as communications director for her, she scores a A too.

I guess it is easy to summarise Helen Zille’s leadership as:

1. Never, concede when you wrong, after all, you are the madam and cannot be wrong. Believe your own lies because the poor cannot think.

2. Defend yourself to the hilt even if the proverbial egg drips of your growing Pinocchio face.

3. Bully your way because you after all ‘white’ and part of the privileged race with an entitled right never to be questioned, especially not by ‘blacks’.

4. Intimidate the Public Protector when her interim report flags irregularities yet run to on a weekly basis to complain and lodge cases against the ANC.

5. Manipulate all attention for your personal benefit using emotional rhetoric as a base.

6. Court-case democracy, because it is the only means to co-govern a country you lost in ballot definition.

7. Suffer of entitlement to be above the law the same you throw at others.

8. Lead by hypocrisy, hypocrisy and more hypocrisy with double standards as your premise.

9. Defend your lies even if the truth speaks louder against your lies.

10. Ignore the poor for the poor is not your constituency.

11. Invoke an inalienable right above others to threaten everyone with court cases.

12. Become the political face of an established media attack that is sour because an up and coming newspaper THE NEW AGE threatens to be regarded as more sincere with giving SA a balanced perspective of governance in SA.

13. Castigate funders of other political parties when you feed from the same trough, yet withhold the right plead amnesia conveniently when you have visited with the very funder you berate and accused ad-nausea.

Helen Zille it is time you come clean and the Western Cape voters are the only people to assess this hypocrisy and lies being defended when you erroneously advocate championship of the poor.

The Western Cape does not deserve any hypocrite as its de-facto leader, it does not deserve any bully, it certainly can do without a leader who knows only how to bully her way. It least needs a Premier who remained in the safety of her Table Mountain bunker when the fires of farmworkers unrest were high, but spend the whole Monday calling the Gupta’s to dispute the claims against her.

No one is to be in doubt on Zille it is all about Zille, always was, always will be and the poor is mere fodder in her campaign to remain the first Madam. She will even claim a Biko inspiration when it needs to, learn to toyi-toyi but will simply never be real for she can only be true to herself a self in which the poor must remain poor, for it does not represent her constituency.

In conclusion, one thing is clear, the poor is not on Zille’s mind but the survival of Helen Zille as the matriarch of a DA whose leadership reflects where this party remains. She is clearly not to be trusted and cannot claim the unilateral right to act as the moral consciousness of politics or political leadership in SA, a claim made in ignorance and arrogance.


In the words of comedian Trevor Noah, Mrs Zille ‘you gonnnna learrrrrn’ when the poor punish you in 2014.

Clyde N. Ramalaine

Independent Commentator