Nkandla Development: Open Letter to the President of SA

October 7, 2012Dear Mr. President

Re: Nkandla Development challenges our moral standing in leadership

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I felt led to take the time to pen this short open letter as a plea
that sense would be allowed to prevail on this the topic at hand.

It remains morally wrong to defend the establishment of Nkandla in its
current form and budget.

It is with deep regret that the news of Nkandla Development grips our
newspapers and media, sending unnecessary wrong signals in a season
when we need to focus on the deliverables of policy implementation and
governance mandate.

 The twists and jolts on the Nkandla saga or as some call it scandal
are intensifying, the facts remain questionable what we know is that
as reported in access of R200million is being spend on improving a
homestead of our  sitting president. The details may prove sketchy
with a Public Works Minister seeking to lay charges against whoever
leaked the information.

The challenge for me is not who leaked the information that would be a
peripheral issue and must remain a peripheral issue. We cannot make
this the reason for an investigation for that would border on as we
deem it spin-doctoring.

Mr. Thulas Nxesi is hereby implored to  leave whoever leaked the news,
and  deal with the claims prove them ordinary and normal if he can for
in the absence of that  proving such expenditure as normal we are
dealing with a crises of epidemic proportions.

It’s at this juncture that we unequivocally must condemn denounce and
reject any  explanation  in defence of Nkandla in its current state as
perhaps morally reprehensible.

That presidents as respected servants of the people require upgrades
and support for their homesteads over time is not even the question
but spending a quarter of a billion rand  on Nkandla in this
depressing no job creating doldrums captured   economy borders on

My challenge is firstly the fact that this project was allowed to be
tabled, presented and approved as a government led and priority
expenditure project.

My second problem is the processes followed if followed at all, the
fact that the possibility exists that there may have been a flagrant
disregard for due processes followed constitutes another challenge.

My third challenge resonates in political leadership, if the concept
plan for the development of an Nkandla homestead as an upgrade for VIP
INTL guests was mooted where did it emanate from?

If it is that the president of South Africa proved insensitive to have
adopted this development as correct in a season of such challenge at
economic level than it speaks to irresponsible leadership.

In my estimation nothing warrants this type of size and money for a
development for the purpose it is claimed. South Africa does not need
this type of development as a presidential suite when the masses are
still hungry, jobless and in despair.

Hence the development of Nkandla if the leading headlines and
corroborating facts hold is an unnecessary and wasteful expenditure,
money we simply do not have.

I am therefore imploring the president in his political office to
instruct the rethinking of this development which flies in the face of
our fight against the stubborn triplets of poverty, inequality and

I need not remind that it is incumbent on you Mr. President and
comrade president to lead us in astuteness of prudence on fiscal
discipline for state resources are truly public funds afforded by tax
payers to shoulder the challenge of a deficit we dealing with if the
minister of finance Pravin Gordhan is correct.

We have a fiduciary responsibility to prove sensitive not to prove
wasteful in exacerbating the ever increasing gaps of inequality of
economic definition. I would pray that sense prevail that you would
find it in your heart, the sane heart who finds the conditions of the
mining workers deplorable, the same heart that disallows you to sleep
at night when you are confronted with the nagging challenges of our
nation. I would implore you to do the right thing and respect us and
call this project off.

It remains morally indefensible, economically nonsensical and
ethically unjustifiable, because South Africa needs us all to accept
the belt tightening and its first servant cannot be seen to prove the
exception in such belt tightening exercise.

If Nkandla is allowed to continue we are sending the wrong signals of
what we regard as the de-facto priorities for this developing state.

If Nkandla is allowed to live in its current form with this budget, we
are communicating the wrong message that it’s the individual that
matter and not the collective.

If Nkandla is allowed to continue we equally inadvertently are
promoting self-serving instead of the selfless agenda and nature of
what the 100 year old ANC stands for.

Nkandla cannot scupper the legitimate challenge against poverty it
cannot be equal to a Ratanang Trust the undoing of our rightful and
justifiable fight against the scourges of a gross disparity defined in
inequality of economic representation.

May sense prevail, for the people of the South Africa expect of you to
show leadership in this as it is expected of you on all other fronts.

I pen this note as one who continues to support your leadership and
believes destiny before time has ordered you to serve in this epoch of
centenary organisational definition, regardless to how some seek to
challenge that, yet I would be failing in my duty if  I do not warn of
the danger of letting this Nkandla Development prevail in its current
form and budget.

Respectfully submitted

Bishop Clyde N. S. Ramalaine
Presiding Bishop of CWFF&MI
In my official capacity


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