What does the silence of Top 6 & NEC members communicate when the ANC President is insulted?

– Who is really insulted, the president or the Movement?   When self-interest rules! –

I find the silence of some in the top 6 leadership and the NEC rather annoying, cheap, and factionalised to pronounce on everything but not to defend the Centenary President of the ANC, J. G. Zuma.

Some have gone out of their way to prove oppositional from pure ambitious and self-interest reasons.

The deputy president and treasurer of the ANC have yet to tell Julius Malema he has no right to insult the democratically elected President of the ANC and SA in this centenary year in this fashion.

This lack of defence of the President is less a lack of defence of the president but the Movement. The silence of those who claim to love this movement is noted. It is folly to think a rebuke of Julius means naturally an agreement to a second term of the president.

I have and will always contend that there is no reason to allow this vilification of any  sitting president only because you hope to benefit from his threatened removal. Please do not raise it is right because it happened before, that is such a shallow argument for it being wrong remains wrong in history even now.

It appears the friends of Malema in the top 6 and NEC, is more concerned about a political agenda than healing the organisation. It appears that they like those who do not know want to blame the president for the ANC crises or challenge. If the ANC is in crises, today it has to be levelled at all in the NEC and particularly the Top 6. Many of these NEC members belong to the million dollar high mile club, money accrued from the very apartheid economy

Every day in SA when this expelled former ANCYL president speaks it is in insult of the president yet Motlanthe and Phosa or any so called diligent ANC NEC member is yet to pronounce and tell Malema he dare not insult the ANC.

The sickness of tolerating this uncouth behaviour and proving silent on this resonates in this that we have NEC members who believe it is their God given right to benefit and they cannot be rebuked.

Today we see the same faces in a campaign again; Siphiwe Nyanda leads his own pack still mad because he was relieved of his duties as minister of communications, and acts as if he controls the military history of the ANC. Nyanda is quick to remind us that the MK veterans do not belong to Zuma as a private army, which is correct yet it also does not belong to no general including Nyanda.

Is it not time we ask has the ANC fallen in such shallowness of personality rhetoric that nothing matters than to support a campaign to dethrone Zuma at a “Promised Mangaung of Revenge”

Leadership demands that we prove prudent as to how we allow the values of what the ANC stands for to rule us even our ambitions.

I dare assert, perhaps JZ has come to the table at the most difficult time in post-apartheid sense and many refuse to see his leadership and chooses to disregard him for myopic reasons less of substance but informed by sentiment.

I find the silence when the movement is under attack by an expelled youth leader deplorable.

I find the silence when the ANC president is under fire of cheap insults from a egoistic weak mind of Malema equally repugnant, I find the silence of some for cheap personal interest disgusting, for they yet must show their hands and defend this ANC and its presence, unless they sit behind Malema’s campaign and claims.

Malema can boldly say “I will be back when Zuma is gone” because he is truly controlling even those who claim to be in the ANC for decades. Never before in the history of this movement has anyone found it his birthright to insult to the pander of media embrace an ANC president the way Malema has ordained himself a right. I can accept that as an expelled member mixed with youthfulness he will react the way he does, but the silence of ANC leaders in this season is excruciating to say the least.

If these think Malema is correct, let them wait for in their season of power they too will deal with their own.

The silence of some, one must surmise is a direct allegiance to self and a campaign to fight to have JZ removed as a so-called escape of complicity to the state of the ANC.

I doubt the commitment some ANC NEC members and top 6 leadership have towards the ANC. For Phosa to argue no one is guaranteed a second term is not objective nor proving leadership instead it’s to play on the idea that the president is not guaranteed a second term, it’s less about all as is portrayed. We see through the shallow rhetoric of these pronouncements and understand them for what they really are meant.

Our leaders refuse to defend the ANC and fuel this destruction of the movement in cheap factionalism. Motlanthe cannot afford to say Malema you are wrong because his path to power is a sponsored one from the very people and claim constituency of Malema backers.

I guess Malema will force him to bring him back after he made him, and later will say I regret I ever nominated Motlanthe, when Motlanthe in interest of the ANC will act and upset the Malema campaign.

The proverbial Titanic is in trouble and yet there are those who prove silent for selfish reasons, they act as if they are not to blame for the ANC trouble and like uninformed people outside the ANC believe a removal of JZ ( which will not happen) will fix all things.

I hope they live to see the error of their ways and the scales fall from their eyes to see their personal investment in the destruction of the ANC.

A defence of the president against this malicious attacks is a defence of the movement who elected him like all others before democratically. A non-defence of the ANC it is president and its leadership is an investment into disrespected leadership for the future.

There is an old saying that goes “those who sin with you can sin against you.” Hopefully sense prevail and the blessedness of having Malema not in the ANC will one day be credited to astute leadership in torrid times.

Clyde N. S Ramalaine
…The Road to ‘a Promised Mangaung of Revenge’
due in November 2012


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