Marikana’ what did you bring?

Marikana’, what did you bring?

Marikana, no Wonderkroon

What did you bring?

LonMin, our freedom in a tin

Workers fragmented

A living wage, I wish it was sage

On hilltop, assembled

In semblance of a historic Matoppo

Marikana’, what did you bring

Wonderkroon, you make us all wonder

Souls convulsed in agony of despair

Hearts torn in foreverness of ache

Marikana, close to Mooinooi,

Yet nothing is left of celebrated beauty

When shots rang out, and lives ended

Instructions to shoot, from who knows where

A labour dispute we are told

Fractions of organised labour at war,

“Leaders”in blame game parade

May it be known , those who died

Were less  of AMCO nor of NUM or SAPS

But, Africans maimed, by Africans

Africans killed over Africa’s jewels

A living wage, still not getting central stage

All of this, painfully

In freedom’s embrace

Marikana’  –  a mistake, no a  massacre,

A labour dispute, gone awry wrong

Marikana’s dream defied’

Its soil forever tainted with spilled blood

Of Africans, who died without say goodbye!

Marikana, Wonderkroon,

What did you bring?

Faces of distraught loved ones

Emerges, the agony unbearing

Etched in expressions of pain

Breadwinners lay cold in death’s embrace

Heaped weapons that will never be held

Wonderkroon’s children crying

Wondering who will now provide

Mooinooi’s women in anguish,

Bereft of its claimed beauty,

Mzansi’s head hang in shame !

A Nation in bloodstained attire

Mournfully weep, its sons

Marikana’ Wonderkroon,

Is this how Africa will know you now ?

What a way to introduce yourself –

How many more African will die?

How much longer the workers fight?

How much longer ‘leaders’ posturing

… Marikana’ what did you bring….

 ‘Niklos’ (Clyde N.S. Ramalaine)

Copyright observed 2012, August 16

Courtesy   – ‘Windows of my Soul’, Poetry Collection due December 2012)


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