The ‘Spear Painting’ deservedly got painted !

The ‘Spear – painting’ deservedly got painted!

Amidst public outcry, court-cases, and protest march

Silly claims of innocence, with no harm intended


Two men, one ‘black’ and one ‘white’

Decided this abuse will not see this night


Two men, one  ‘young’ one ‘old’

Found this image simply cold


Two men, armed with paint red and black

The one a brush, the other only his hand

Guts they did not lack


Two men, representing our humanity

Two men possibly representing different class

Yet one in their pursuit

One in their conviction

Totally one in their action


Their arrest marred in controversy

The only time these became colour-coded ‘black and white’

For the ‘black’ manhandled,

Head-butted even, choked

Wrestled to the ground, with support

When he offered no resistance


The ‘white’  left standing, interviewed

As some wanted to rationally engage

Only much later decently cable-tied


Today the ‘painting’ deservedly got painted

Today,  I celebrate them for they are heroes

Heroes for they understood,

The depravity of a sick mind

The heartlessness of a claimed superiority

The abuse of a constitutional franchise of freedom of expression


Two men, who both in humanity,

Relived the shame of Cuvier’s dissecting of Mother Saartjie Baartman

An abnormal obsession Cuvier had with Baartman’s womanhood

Now depicted in Murray’s tasteless, racist depiction of Zuma

Today Brett Murray got deservedly painted!!


By : Clyde N. S. Ramalaine

May 22, 2012 ( 12h24) Copyright observed


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