C’mon Heynecke Meyer get on with the job!

-You not inspiring confidence-

The Boks have a new coach so we are told, the name of this coach is Heynecke Meyer, his previous success in the domestic cup competitions as club team made him the preferred choice.   

Some cried foul when he was firstly overlooked for they  even believed that he instead of Pieter  De Villiers should have been the coach. Yet recent mutterings and press briefings from Meyer details and unravels  another story. 

Meyer selected and as others opined loaded the staff compliment with people he believes are competent though many claim it was essentially strongly Blue Bull spiced. In all of this he secured the services of Rassie Erasmus former Cheetahs player and coach, certainly this must count for something given the repute and history of Erasmus. 

The appointment of support staff, is the manager/ coach responsibility and prerogative hence I am all for him finding the right people that would support his vision which is really delivering a successful Bok- Team by winning games and ultimately the coveted world cup dream the same that eluded De Villiers for crazy reasons. 

Given Meyer’s background and success at club level this feat though a cumbersome one therefore should not be an insurmountable one for his history speaks volumes. 

I am afraid that is how far I can give Meyer credit because his recent media statements leave much to explain. 

Meyer firstly complained sbout a lack of options on choosing a captain from the existing crop of players. In Meyer’s mind this problem can only be solved by luring retired players back into the squad to assume the role. He attempted to recall retired players to lead the Bok squad. Everyone knows the importance of a proper leader on the field hence the choice of captaincy constitutes a critical component in the success equation. That is not the point of contention rather Meyers obsession that only a captain of yesteryear will work. 

Understanding Meyer correctly, he bemoans the fact that the current Bok- squad lacks a captain hence his forced romancing of a Matfield to return. 

The error of this lays at levels, firstly Matfield went into retirement by choice having served the nation and participated in two worldcups. He is without any doubt a success story at both club and national level, but the man retired and must be afforded his rightful rest. What may inspire a Matfield more ? 

The error of holding onto players of yesteryear as inspirational as it is understood in the mind of a Meyer does not inspire confidence for one of the young lads to raise their hands to fill the vacant shoes for their coach with these myopic utterances expresses his lack  confidence in them from the start. 

The celebrated Bok- captains all were developed into what they became none of then arrived as the final sellable package. 

Central to this confusion of Meyer thinking is the veiled emerging dialectical tension between country success and personal image. It is time Meyer is told that the success of the Bok- Team comes first and his personal legacy a distant second. His decision to conclude it will be difficult to appoint a  captain does not augur well for developing leaders on the field of play and it does not inspire confidence from the most important man to give us our new leaders. 

Perhaps I could forgive Meyer for searching for a captain in all the wrong places, but his latest media statement or excuse of him having to resort to young players for the England  matches, irks the daylights out if me. Off course Meyer from where did you think you will draft the Bok-Team  if not from the young ones, the same you have shown no confidence in.

Can you for once walk out of the shadow of a Jake White and Pieter De Villiers thinking and prove  your own man. Jake White’s reasons for supporting Meyer on a Matfield appointment is laced with personal pride and not national pride.  Lest we forget White has always believed he is the only coach for the Bok- Team and a resurgence of old players will confirm this testosterone driven ego based belief. White even tried to interfere with a Pieter de Villiers choice as coach in the middle of De Villiers term declaring himself available to coach the Boks. Arrogance sheer arrogance. 

 Meyer please get busy to  develop your own team and succeed or fail, but stop the whining. Good coaches find, develop and build great players and ultimately cups. 

Your latest antics gives me the sense SARU appointed a coach who is much more concerned with his personal image to remain squeaky clean, when coaching demands getting dirty. 

The Bok- Team is not need of a spokesman who gives interviews all the time, but a coach who can deliver, we had enough of the interviews tell us who are the next leaders your eye have spotted. Give us your plan, yes a plan from scratch. 

So coach Meyer, leave the media stunts in which you hog attention for the wrong reasons, please coach and manage the team for which you are handsomely paid. It’s time you earn your fat salary and deliver a team with a captain and vice spotted by you, groomed by you and developed by you.

 I refuse to accept that the young lads have no leadership potential. It’s simply sophistic to claim there is no one to raise their hands in captaincy, get on with your job for that is on what you will be judged. 

You like all coaches will not escape the wrath of us supporters for failing no amount of talking to the media will deny you our wrath if the team falters. 

Next time you talk let it be inspiring and confidence boosting for your statements thus far borders on the negative even pessimism. This Mr. Coach simply  does not augur well for the collective morale of a young team less us who believe in them and you to deliver the goods. 

Clyde N. Ramalaine
A concerned Bok- Supporter


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