Malema expelled – the END!

The End -Malema expelled!

                 –   he came he saw and was slain by his own ego, now buried in political grave –

The long in the making much publicised, almost over analyzed and anticipated end of Malema has finally come. This a few days shy of Freedom Day, April 27, 2012. Thinking on this end of Malema I thought how best to summarize his swift political rise and end and came up with “He came, saw, became intoxicated, swaggered in bombastic arrogance and was slain now he lays buried in a grave he meticulously dug despite several warnings”. This must encapsulate the closing chapter in the Malema commentary.

Julius Malema from Seshego is this morning expelled, politically buried, in a deep grave he meticulously dug for himself. As unassuming as he made his entrance to politics so with less public fanfare the NDCA confirmed the expulsion of Malema as ruled by the NDC, from the party. The very party he joined voluntarily and later confused to be his personal possession. The same he and his cohorts assumed they could control with untimely utterances laced with utter disrespect of an ANC leadership.

Malema is sent into political wilderness and knows this morning like Barcelona notwithstanding the skill of a Lionel Messi, that they are out of the EUFA Cup Finals beaten by a ten men Chelsea (my favourite English Football club) team.

This ‘silent’ no public fanfare handling of the expulsion was the best the ANC could do in my estimation. It is my view that the ANC made too much of its first NDCA findings with a live broadcast, for it afforded Malema and his cohorts a space and place it was not deserving.

In an organisation like the ANC disciplinary hearings happen all the time with less media attention. Affording Malema and ANCYL leaders this media attention was in my assessment and error the same the ANC leadership learnt from as this ruling came almost unnoticed and devoid of fanfare.

In understanding the Malema demise one must understand that his election at the 24th ANCYL conference was never really recognised. The ANC leadership simply never acknowledged or afforded the ANCYL leadership recognition, for it must have known the child it was raising will never respect it.  Perhaps Zuma’s call for discipline at the last NGC in 2010, was the start of the disowning of a Malema ANCYL leadership. The ANC leadership never entertained the ANCYL leadership elected at the last ANCYL Conference. This is  another prove that Zuma in political leadership is streets ahead of many and those who think his grin is one of stupidity do so at their own peril.

Not only is Malema send packing, but his two chief lieutenants Secretary General Sindiso Magaqa and the motormouth spokesperson Floyd Shivambu, are effectively silenced with suspensions of one and three years respectively.  They are suspended on their current appeals, notwithstanding the fact that more investigations against the two are in the offing for their ill-timed latest salvo of insults on Zuma and Ramaphosa respectively.

As the days tick by the political landscape hogged for the last 3 years by an obscure young man from Seshego who became Newsmaker of the 2011 year will yearn for some ‘Juju magic’ and yet such yearning will not be answered. For Malema is no longer wearing green, black and yellow the very  colours that made him such an appetizing and non gratifying diet.

We read how he pleaded even offered to relinquish his post as ANCYL chairperson as long as he was given the right to stay on as a member of the ANC.  It is him as ANC member challenging, defying and disrespecting the ANC leadership that made him so welcome in media embrace. His pleading could not have been sincere because he remained unremorseful and defiant, marked as unrehabitable in ANC constitutional embrace.

Without the ANC the movement that many live to hate, critique, and condemn, yet must contend with as the only organisation in post apartheid consistently trusted with the public vote remains the party to beat, Malema finds out he is just another guy from Seshego.  Others left the ANC thinking they could go on by themselves and found out it is rather cold outside the ANC.

Perhaps the words attributed to Malema as a voicemail message he left for the very media whom he not so long in typical Lady Di manner romanced helps us understand the tragedy of the man from Seshego. “At the end of everything else we will not remember the words uttered by the enemies against us but will remember the silence of our friends during this difficult times…”

This mouthful philosophical summary perhaps becomes Malema’s most pungent attempt at being diplomatic, if only he depended more on this less known philosophical side.

This is really a cry from someone who overestimated the “friendship” shared in political agenda and circles. Malema laments the absence of those who claimed a friendship in promise. Perhaps this is again prove that Malema  in political  childhood misunderstood that in politics there are no permanent friends or enemies, but common interest with unknown but definite expiry dates.

His saying to his “friends” in ANC and ANCYL embrace you dropped us; you have not honoured what you promised to do. These unseen “friends” that Malema refer to  previously begged for opportunities to speak at ANCYL events know themselves and must not be surprised if Malema later on mention their names, for he has nothing more to lose and is a wounded one. He is saying if we had enemies these made themselves known if we had friends these too made themselves in this season unknown.

Could this be a veiled reminder to a Motlanthe, Phosa, Sexwale, Mbalula etc, all pretenders to the various thrones promised, again only Malema’s friends know themselves? What did Malema really want his ‘friends’ to do in  this season, or is he reminding them to honour their promise of NEC intervention?

Now the proverbial curtain is drawn, with a bunch of legal cases and investigations shading Malema’s future he is perhaps memorialised in political museum immortalised as one who came, saw, got inebriated, swaggered in bombastic arrogance and was slain by his own ego, banished to the political wilderness from where no one who left the ANC has ever made a comeback.

Indeed the end of Malema and any hope of NEC motivation to overturn this NDCA ruling remains a mirage which with time will evaporate into oblivion as self-interest the trading commodity of politicians weighs more than an expelled ex comrade, from Seshego and his lieutenants.

ANCYL will soon as foretold by Zuma appoint a new leader and continue with the business of its youth programme the same which was left in abeyance dwarfed by the personality politics that became a defining characteristic of the modern day ANCYL dictating its role and purpose.

As Malema rides off into the sunset of possible farming the jostling for ANCYL leadership has long begun and those who never really supported a Malema leadership lifted their hands availing themselves for the post. Yet this morning with one proviso the ANCYL is a much slender in size, an even lighter in weight and a trimmed down entity who will never again become the playground of defiance of an ANC constitution or leadership.

Perhaps Mbalula’s true legacy is that he produced an ill-disciplined Malema because the latter was his handpicked successor.  Malema’s true legacy is that he perhaps eternally robbed ANCYL from its so called claimed ‘kingmaker status’, a militant thinking structure to a  toothless young lion, a disciplined structure of the ANC, for no one ever will dare what Malema dared in ill- discipline.

The media must now find its next newsmaker for Malema is done and dusted and the word former ANCYL leader is already ringing in our ears. My question what makes  anyone with so much potential, who literally raised the critical economic redress debate, die such a premature political death, the answer the EGO or pride, that which makes and equally can kill us.  Indeed pride do comes before the fall….

Clyde N. Ramalaine


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