ANCYL suffers of “Acute Teenage Spoilt Brat Syndrome” (ATSBS) mindset !

      Teenagers must be allowed to grow not without reprimand and rebuke !

The attitude of the ANCYL regardless to how real an economic redress debate is necessary in post-apartheid South Africa, consistently lends itself to what I call for nomenclature “Acute Teenage Spoilt Brat Syndrome-mindset”, ATSBS

We all can identify with being teenagers once. The attitude of believing the world owes you something is common during this period.  It is a time known for defiance of parent’s advice, counsel even proving disrespectful to older ones. It is usually a stormy time in one’s life for your parents sees you as a child and yet you have started to date, unbeknown to them.  If you a girl, guys whistle at you due to hormones you developed the curves of  womanhood, yet  your mind is still very much a teenager.

Not only is it a stormy period in the life of the youth but it’s known for defiance, as the teenage mind seeks to assert itself on others. As it is said children assume their parents were born parents. This period is also known for utter irresponsibility as the concoction of blind ego and attention-seeking is confused for an independent identity. In my assessment the ANCYL youth suffers of “Acute Teenage Spoilt Brat Syndrome” ATSBS.

A critical aspect of this syndrome is it affords one a right above others. This claimed right in selfishness entitles one  to abuse others yet invoke a right to play victim and condemning those who call you to order is typical of the ATSBS. It is disingenuous for the ANCYL Leadership to claim victimhood when it has been dishing out expulsions and sanctions of ANCYL members in provinces since  2008 under the  Malema leadership.

Anther prove of the ATSBS in ANCYL is seen when the Youth League expects of NDC members to recuse themselves accusing them of bias only because these members have publically expressed a different position and mind then the youth. ATSBS demands that no one in the ANC or ANCYL critique the youth for if any does they are perceived as anti-ANCYL.

ATSBS, in the ANCYL is prevalent when the Youth League has convinced itself it can singularly by birth and a god-claimed right determine who must lead the ANC and also when. A right it attempts to invoke informed by dislike and like.

ATSBS is at play when campaigns are run in the name of individuals to divide the ANC leadership, yet one claims to love the ANC. An ATSBS mind often pits adults against each other for one’s personal gain, no different to what we are seeing with the ANCYL.

ATSBS is at play when the Youth League leadership confuses lobbying for a specific position for abusive personal attacks on democratically elected officials.

There is a justifiable need for proper political education in ANCYL, for the current utterances of Malema, Shivambu and Magaqa is a clear indication of a new culture in the ANC. Insulting democratically elected leadership simply because you don’t like them, and equally claim a love for the ANC is a contradiction. Disagreeing has little to with being insulting.

The ANC, the Youth League claims to love has always welcomed robust open and constructive debate on any aspect of it’s policies which never are arrived at unilaterally but through a process of consensus. The new emerging tendency of hurling insults against a sitting leadership warrants condemnation and a response devoid of any form of sympathy. For the record, the ANCYL has been instrumental to bring the issue of nationalisation from the periphery to the centre, the ANC has assigned a team to conduct research on the viability of it, yet this is not currently ANC policy and it cannot pretend it is.

The truth is a vibrant, thinking and on point youth is necessary and very welcomed in our political discourse but spoilt brats must be disciplined if not expelled. Militancy has little to do with disrespectfulness and cannot be confused for one for the other. The ANCYL leadership cannot argue that they are victims and hope for sympathy from South Africa, when it in organisational context refuse to adhere to its own constitution.

I am on record for questioning the logic of ANCYL thinking for it condemns the ANCYL leadership in a myopic Zuma identity when it truthfully is condemning the entire ANC leadership exemplified in the TOP 6. If Zuma as is claimed has failed, the TOP 6 which he leads has failed.

My unsolicited advice to our Youth grow up, lobby for your position, quit the spoilt brat teenage mindset in which you want to determine who must call you to order, who must adjudicate when you on the wrong,  and seek to play victim when you act as a bully of other ANCYL members.

We must not allow teenagers to get away with this for they usually become grown ups with the same attitude. The word is DISCIPLINE !!!

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4 comments on “ANCYL suffers of “Acute Teenage Spoilt Brat Syndrome” (ATSBS) mindset !

  1. HABIB SIRAJ says:

    Due to above aguement,I hereby concluding by saying that ANC should not condone any mischievious behaviours from either the youth or the elders,so in that way discpline and respect will be redeemed back in the party.May God bless me and mr.N.Mandela.

    • Habib, Indeed if we seek discipline in organisational context it must be by all those who have joined such organisation. Discipline is always a challenging aspect in voluntary based organisational context hence organisations adopt structures and mechanism to ensure members adhere to such discipline. I do not know what to make of your last sentence for it appears you want God to ONLY bless you and Mr. N.Mandela, firstly i think God wants to bless us all secondly I assume you refer to the icon of liberation for there are a number of Mr. N Mandela’s in our world today, hahahahhaha

  2. Melaine says:

    migłowiec odleciał Ważki budowa. w ciągu w oddali. Wagner
    odwrócił się także Melaine odszedł bez słowa.
    Frodo spoglądał na sosny. Obraz filmowy ciemnozielonuch dziedzin
    rozmazywał się, drgał,
    Wagner powstrzymał się, słuchając pociągnięcie nosem.
    Nie wiedział, lub wrócić, czyli
    trochę udać, że guzik nie chwyta, Ostatecznie nie zrobił nico.

    Stał na skraju cenny z opuszczoną głową oraz patrzył na kępki zieleni władajże.

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