Is this the end for Herman Cain?

Is the pizza truck stuck on the freeway with four flats?

A few weeks ago, Cain became the front runner for the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidency elections.  He bolted to the front of the line hawking the media with his now less explained ill-understood and almost secretly designed in economist embrace, 9-9-9 Tax reform campaign.

Cain went on from their and ‘defeated’ the Perry and Romney candidates  in the primary debates hosted. I then postulated he may have a steamy run but it will not be long before he will be made out a liability as America is simply not ready for a black on black 2012 presidential race. I argued than it is just a matter of time, before he is offloaded.

Well, its November 9, and the tradewinds are blowing in fact the cross winds are all over this presidential hopeful for he stands now accused of  sexual misconduct exemplified in at least 3 women laying claims to his advances. The merits of the cases may be questionable and perhaps never even tested, yet the damage will stick.

Firstly Cain’s biggest undoing is his ill-advised handling of the matters. He firstly denied knowledge than he relented but seek to accuse a former party member and worker who has shifted to the Perry campaign as the culprit for revealing this sordid affair. Often in cases like this much of the impact is either emphasized or blown away by the handling of the issue in communication context.

It is clear Cain, proves less consistent in the handling of these accusations, he seems visibly annoyed, he pokes accusations at others for leaking the information. He conceded he made a statement, or a comment to one of the ladies by asserting, he stood next to her and said you 5 feet just as tall as my wife. Whether these and other unknown information will ultimately be proven as truthful and qualifying for justified reason for him loosing the nomination is a matter of speculation.

Cain has made a growing number of gaffe’s along this nomination campaign. From calling the “Walk on Wall Street” protestors stupid and ill-advised and asserting they should blame themselves for not having jobs. He continued and made a very insensitive comments on  border security the same he firstly made off as a joke and later defended as his position. This coming from a potential candidate who seek to convince Americans in this depressing economic context he cares for them.

The truth is Cain brought this on himself for his handling of this showed him out to be insensitive to the American voters who as we speak, suffer economically, is depressed with the claims of perpetual recessions antics.

Cain on the sexual claims saga concedes there were settlements  paid for this actions though some of them came on 20 years ago. I am not in the least purporting to adjudicate the veracity of the cases for such is for a court, I am dealing with the perpetual meandering and blundering of a potential Republican Nominee hopeful, who simply do not know how to set a foot in the right direction.

All kinds of theories are advanced  by those who know but what stands out is a confused conundrum of speculation for it does not take rocket science to know who stands to benefit from this? This whilst one of the women who accused Cain is consulting her attorney and  yet equally pleads for anonymity.

We all know with the American press and its non-gratifying appetite for a salacious story starved by a squeaky clean Obama, anything will work if you put a spin on it for this is an election season and with a lackluster campaign of Republican Nominee hopefuls it seems more a like testorone based campaign of who is the stud in the pack for who knows what else in the famous infidelity embrace will still be revealed and by whom, accused for  what aim?

Sharon Bialek accuses Herman Cain today openly of an alleged sexual harassment incident that assumedly took place in a car, with no witnesses, fourteen years ago.  This claim raises many questions many more unanswered ones. To be truthful these questions are more directed at the accuser for clarification.

Firstly what took a Ms. Bialek so long, we are told it happened fourteen years ago. I am not raising the time issue as an excuse, but rather to ask, since Ms. Bialek by her own admission was involved at the time in a steady supportive relationship and had all the access to legal opinion and statute of liberty rights, why did she not lay a charge then? She also states that the claims informed by time has prescribed in lapsed time.

Secondly, in the interview conducted by CNN anchor Piers Morgan, he asks Ms. Bialek if she will press charges to which she replies no, she has no intention to press such charges in fact judging by when it took place it can now safely be argued that she never saw the need to have such charges laid.

Again why not when she was traumatized by it back then and raising it now confirms she is still traumatized by such. The third issue I have a challenge with is Ms. Bialek says she just want him to admit that this happened.

It is clear that Ms. Bialek must live on Mars to even remotely think any politician would admit to such when he knows he will not have charges pressed against him. Why would he volunteer such admission with no impending and real threat when there is so much  at stake namely the White House.

My conclusion on the accusation is that it comes in handy when he is squaring of as very potential Republican Party candidate. One can be forgiven for assuming the timing of these claims prove prolific for fellow contenders, for a sexual claim such as this can only do damage in this season.

It is possible that Ms. Bialek was advised by her legal representatives that her case will not stand in the courts of law hence a public relations campaign of this form, in which she advocates Cain to admit, is the best way of hurting his political ambitions. We have seen it before how sexual demeanor claims can sink candidates, hence is this going to sink Cain’s hopes of  being nominated?

Off course sexual misdemeanor constitutes an act that must be condemned and punished for it in a case such as this confirms the repugnant and sick perceptions that women are mere objects of male lust and pawns for their pleasure. If anyone seeks to abuse his position such as that it must be condemned with the strongest of opinion and legal conviction.

I think these claims much as a court case will find it very difficult to prove and find in the accusers favor, along with other similar claims is enough to let the Herman Cain pizza truck stall on the freeway with four flat tyres.

Off course a case can be made that America is not ready to have two black man square off for the White House, but that is a debate for another day.

If Cain fails today it is because of Cain himself, if Cain fails today it is due to the fact that the Republican campaign is not an issue based campaign in which the aspects of policy reform against a Democratic sitting and very domestically strong president.

The Republican Campaign in my assessment is informed by the lowest levels and form of energy in which the best candidate will ultimately win by conjecture more than anything meaningful.

Bishop Clyde N. S. Ramalaine

Independent Observer and author of “ Preach a Storm, Live a Tornado – The Preacher: A Theology of Preaching


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