BLACK LIFE IS REALLY CHEAP IN SA – 17years in Democratic South Africa

By: Bishop Clyde N. S. Ramalaine

Bees Le Roux murder case and Robert McBride drunk driving Case

I know I promised in our FB Group “The Thinking Masses” to be silent on political issues exemplified in  analysis or commentary, at least in this power-pack Rugby World-Cup season in which I thought we should take a break from the heavy political discussions, debates and postulating from Julius Malema to a Chief Justice  Mogoeng saga’s, that have defined discourse over the last eight weeks..

Yet my silence is forced open, in typical biblical Jeremiah manner, when I have to make sense of the Bees Le Roux and Robert McBride cases finalised almost simultaneously.

I have contended in my note last year, “Black life remains cheap 16 years  into our democracy”. It was incidentally a note I wrote when my wife asked me to write when she was visibly appalled by the murder of the metro police officer.

I then already argued that this case is never going to see Bees Le Roux spend a week in prison. The campaign to get Bees free started with the contention of his girlfriend as him being incapable of committing what he was accused; quickly some journalists began to paint a picture of their campaign of freeing the beloved Blue Bull player. The focus shifted to potential corruption on the part of the officers.

Well I hate to admit this now that the case is finalised, I can say boldly JUSTICE IS WHITE, I HAVE LOST ALL CONFIDENCE IN OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM.

It appears if you white you are freed on technicalities, pay your way out or get a very lenient sentence. The Friday news says Bees Le Roux got 5 years suspended for 5 years  and a fine of R750,000,00 on a bargained deal. Juxtapose this with Mc Bride, former Metro – Cop boss of the Johannesburg Eastrand, for some eternally the Magoo’s Bomber.

He gets 5 years  with no deal, no suspended sentence, for the judge pronounced he had shown no remorse. Mc Bride remains the hate of many who is white who never gave this death row inmate any chance of living in a democratic SA. He was haunted down, pursued as the lobby groups sought to afford him no space where he can work.

They opposed his appointments at every turn, reduced him to one who is insane as they classically conditioned us as to how dangerous Robert is. These finally found their justice for it appears McBride is heading to jail. The truth is he is really going to jail as the Magoo’s bomber and less as a drive and drunken incident in which no one was killed.

I have asserted in SA, Black Life is cheap – You can put black lives in laundromats, kill it, and get an unbalanced sentence. In the SA where we live, you can drag black life behind you pick up van (bakkie) until life is snuffed out of such person and claim you were angry and get a suspended sentence.

Yes, you can paint black life with white paint for petty theft, scar the eyes and pigmentation of such black life, and get a fine. You can feed black life for lions as Crossley did than on technicality as to whether black life was alive at the time of the feeding, you can sit for 2 years and be free. You can mistake black life in the rustle between bushes for a dog and shoot at it, kill it and walk if you white.

Juxtapose this with when one white college girl going missing, is raped, and killed (an issue we all necessarily condemn). For such the cream of police is dispatched to in record time ring-fence the criminal, try him before a court and solicit a life sentence. Yet one continues to claim there are grounds to continue pursuing more criminals that you believe were in aid of the perpetrator. Piet Byleveldt into his retirement held such of the Leigh Matthews case.

Now Bees Le Roux the teddy bear, who cannot injure a fly, brutally killed a black life, a metro police officer for that matter with his bare hands. He claims temporal insanity but remembers distinctly that he was asked for his ATM pin by the one he murdered.

I wonder how this murder of a police officer in climate of so many of them being killed must be interpreted. Perhaps the Bees Le Roux case says it is good if you kill our police officers, I cringe at such thought though.

It is not difficult to assume what the case who have been if it was the other way around.

I am not sure if this happens case by case as some may query and blame me for blanketing all these together what cannot be denied that judging the record of justice leaves me to conclude justice is white and in favour of those who money.  Notwithstanding the fact that some may argue one cannot see a causal link between these two cases.

These are cited and used here as maximum symbols to portray a view necessarily my observation on justice, its application and ideology that often proves pervasive in such.

This I used to argue would a black judge have found McBride guilty with a sentence such as that meted out? Equally would a black judge have conceded to a plea bargain deal for a Bees Le Roux? For it appears in the end, this has little to with justice but race and ideology.

Hence, my assertion I have lost all confidence in our justice system that includes the investigation capacities of our Police agencies, for evidence is always compromised in critical cases.

Whites simply do not forgive easy as McBride is learning, when the burden of forgiveness in typical Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) spirit is always shifted as the natural obligation of those who are black.

Maybe someone can explain this phenomenon to me for my 17 year old son  ask of my why it is that  black life appears so  cheap ?



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